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Environmental certifications

Environmental certifications


Companies committed to the environment

AENOR offers the largest catalogue of environmental certificates, validations and verifications, which allow an organisation to accredit their environmental commitment, through the activities that it carries out or the products that it creates or sells, minimising environmental impact and promoting a better management of resources. The assessments conducted by AENOR help to make environmental commitment a factor of competitive differentiation.

AENOR's support for good environmental practices encompasses general environmental management systems such as ISO 14001, systems that address areas such as product ecodesign and energy management, environmental product declarations; or issues concerning specific sectors, such as forestry. AENOR was a pioneer in supporting companies in their commitments derived from the Kyoto Protocol, being the first Spanish entity accredited before the UN.



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Global Environmental Management

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Circular Economy

Map of colours showing the greenhouse effect

Climate Change

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Management of Resources

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Forestry Sector

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Other Industries


​​​​​​​Noviembre 2022 - Nº 385

Boosting sustainable construction

Pryconsa and Habitat Inmobiliaria have started the process to achieve the AENOR Sustainable Building certification.


September 2022 - No. 383

These products help in the push for decarbonisation

More than 100 products from different sectors, mainly agro-food and construction, have verified their carbon footprint with the AENOR certificates of Calculated CO2, Reduced C02 or Carbon Neutrality.


June 2022 - No. 381

Events with Carbon Footprint Verification

This is a new certification developed by AENOR and aimed at organizations that promote or manage events, and is added to the list of Trusted Platform solutions


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Certification of the traceability and content ofrecycled plastic

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Water footprint certification

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UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 Standard Guide for construction companies.

Guide for applying Standard UNE-EN 14001 in construction companies 

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