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Discounts and bonuses

Discounts and bonuses

Management of training allowances​

Practically all AENOR training courses can be funded through the bonus system from the State Foundation for Employment Training, complying with the requirements established in Act 30/2015 and Royal Decree 694/2017.

For more information go to and ​use the credit available to your company!

The ​AENOR campus offers a free service to manage these subsidies in order to facilitate the process. Write to us at​​​​​​​​

​​​ Who can benefit from this allowance?

  • Third party workers registered in the Social Security General Regime.
    • This system is not valid for freelance workers or employees of government agencies.

How much allowance am I entitled to?

The maximum amount a company can receive (within its credit limit) in the form of allowances for each training activity can be calculated as follows (approximately):

  • Face-to-face/Live Training Course: € 13 x no. of hours x no. of students ​
  • Online course: €7.5 x no. of hours x no. of attendees

How long can AENOR manage a customer's discount?

Up to seven days before the date training starts. Once you formally register via the website, you will receive an email with the documents AENOR needs to process the paperwork with FUNDAE. After this time, AENOR will not be responsible for this process and will accept no responsibility in this regard.


Make the most of our discounts! ​

Volume discounts (*)

  • 15% discount from the second registration involving the same company (Masters not included)
  • For more information on discounts, please consult AENOR training: 914 326 125 /

​​Other discounts (*)

  • Members of the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE) are eligible for a 5% discount.
  • Self-employed workers and unemployed people: 25% discount on face-to-face courses and 25% discount on online courses, provided that the individual's status is justified and restricted to certain courses.

​​(*) Los descuentos no son acumulables. To benefit from special prices it is recommended that you devise Training Plans. This will help you to reserve places and receive the maximum allowance.

Do you need assistance?

Contact our customer service department at

AENOR formación Customer Services