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Tourism and leisure sector - Certifications

Tourism and leisure sector - Certifications

The world's 10 most important monuments, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Coliseum, the Statue of Liberty, etc.

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Tourism is a fundamental pillar of the economy that should confront the challenge of responding to new needs. Currently, tourists are better informed, they value ecological factors, have new priorities and demand a more customised attention and better quality in the services. To advance in this significant challenge, the sector has elements to improve competitiveness, such as quality management systems, environmental management systems, training and innovation.

Companies from the tourist sector are increasingly using the certification as a competitiveness and improvement tool. Certification is important for companies as it is a means to provide visitors with a pleasant stay and thus help to ensure that the experience is repeated and recommended to others.

Accommodation companies (hotels, resorts, tourist apartments, rural houses, etc.), catering facilities (restaurants, cafeterias, nightclubs, bars, etc.), travel agencies (wholesalers, retailers, online agencies, booking offices, etc.) and those offering complementary provisions (beaches, spas, museums, theme parks, golf courses, sailing clubs, convention centres, shopping centres, etc.) have put their trust in AENOR certification.

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Specific tourism and leisure certifications

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Bags chained to bags for security

Island seen from above, with numbers one to thirty

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Energy management

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Social Responsibility


Beach certification: assurance for the user

​July-August 2018 No. 339

Beach certification: assurance for the user

The AENOR flag flies on more than 200 beaches as a demonstration of these beaches' commitment to quality, environmental or accessibility management in their facilities and services.

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Large glass in the sea.

​March 2017 - No. 324​

Standards in our lives. Industrial tourism

Industrial tourism involves visits to historical heritage sites or facilities where production processes take place such as factories, wineries, mines and science parks.

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Drawing of a world map showing several points of reference with a path and icons, a magnifying glass, plane and icons

​​​​​November 2016 - No. 320​

Towards tourism for all

A project has been launched to create an international ISO accessible tourism standard. The initiative is being promoted by the OMT and the Fundación O.N.C.E., with the support of AENOR, and is being run by the technical committee for ISO/TC 228 Tourism and related services.​​


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