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How to make your certificate visible

How to make your certificate visible

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A commitment to quality, environmental sustainability and the health and safety of people are matters that today's companies prioritise in their management processes. The effort that an entity puts in to continuously improving in these areas can be reflected when it obtains an AENOR certificate. For this reason, when an independent third party decides to certify the work carried out, the organisations wants this recognition to be disseminated to as many people as possible.

In addition to the certification mark, companies increasingly request support services and products with which they can publicise the work they've done. To do this, AENOR has a wide range of support materials for its customers to display their respective certificates. These include statues, flags, posters, displays, plaques, stickers and frames, designed for display in different spaces both indoor and outdoor. These products lend a distinguishing value that helps to communicate the clients' achievements, as well as to generate confidence between their collaborators, customers and consumers.

Once certified, companies can use the promotion materials that AENOR provides them with. On the one hand, this promotes recognition since they always appear in the same format and, on the other hand, reduces costs associated with elaborating materials for each individual company.

Ten keys to carrying out a successful remote audit

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AENOR helps to manage the audit process of organisations in order to carry them out remotely, guaranteeing confidence in the systems, as well as the quality and adequacy of the processes. This article offers ten keys for organisations to successfully carry out a remote audit.

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In the face of difficult situations, it is essential to find feasible solutions. Streamlining auditing procedures and being able to continue carrying out our work in a way that verifies the implementation of management systems in optimal conditions of reliability, not only promotes confidence in the systems, but also in the quality and adequacy of the procedures.

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Hand touching the screen of a tablet

Brandish your certificate and show what you're worth…