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How to make your certificate visible

How to make your certificate visible

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A commitment to quality, environmental sustainability and the health and safety of people are matters that today's companies prioritise in their management processes. The work that a business put in to continuously improving in these areas can be reflected when it obtains an AENOR certificate.

In addition to the certification mark, companies increasingly request support services and products with which they can publicise the work they've done. For this, AENOR offers its customers a wide range of support materials to display their respective certificates: sculptures, flags, posters, displays, plaques, stickers and frames, designed for displaying in different spaces, both indoor and outdoor. 

These products provide a differential value that helps to communicate our customers' achievements to society, as well as generating confidence among their collaborators, customers and consumers.

How to make your certificate visible

Brandish your certificate and show what you're worth…

Why choose AENOR merchandising?

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Because this way, you can stand out from the crowd, showcase your efforts and help to convey even more confidence among your customers, employees and suppliers.

See the entire range of products available in our catalogue, download the order form on your PC, specify the items you are interested in and email your order to

And, of course, if you have any questions or need an item you don't see in the catalogue, write to us and we will gladly assist you. See catalogue