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Master's degrees

Master's degrees

Master's degrees

We have developed a line of training for professionals with little or no experience. These programmes are distinguished by highly practical training, allowing students to acquire quick professional training and to carry out placements in companies, provided and managed by AENOR.

We help you to enter the labour market​​​​

The current trend in organisations is to replace different systems with a single integrated system.

It is necessary to train people with the knowledge, skills and competences to design, implement, audit and monitor an integrated management system for quality, the environment and occupational health and safety.

Some characteristics of the Master's programmes

Recent graduates

Master's programme aimed at recent university graduates or current students who are close to finishing their degree studies.

Employment bank

At the end of the placement, more than 90% of students find a job directly related to their Master's degree. In addition, AENOR has an Employment Bank that is available to any Master's students who request it.

Internships in companies

All students of the relevant Master's Programmes will carry out a placement of between 6 and 12 months in leading collaborating companies, where they can put their skills and knowledge into practice, and which are 99% paid.

Teaching staff

The teaching staff is formed by active consultants and auditors with a real knowledge of the business activity. They are highly qualified, providing a totally faithful vision of the company and a distinguishably practical training.

Practical training based on real cases

The theoretical contents are designed based on real experiences. This methodology allows for immediate application of the acquired knowledge to the work environment. ​​


We offer special interest-free financing options and have an AENOR Grants programme.

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