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How to register

How to register

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Registration process

Register yourself!

Via the website.

By email.

Confirming your registration

We will acknowledge receipt of registration applications by sending an email to both the student and the training manager. This communication does not necessarily mean that the course will take place, as this is dependent on there being a minimum number of students.


Processing State Foundation for Training in Employment Allowances. Companies that use AENOR to apply for course allowances from the State Foundation for Training in Employment will receive another email requesting the documents required to start this process.

Confirming your course

Approximately ten days before training commences, we will send an email to both the student and the training manager confirming the course and providing all relevant information (address, timetable, etc.). We will attach an invoice to the email, which must be paid before the course starts.


We try to ensure that students are comfortable during training sessions: WiFi access; Spacious and well-equipped rooms: Breakfast and other meals are provided, depending on course timetables. After training courses have ended, we ask attendees to fill in an assessment questionnaire to give us a true picture of all areas related to the training received in order to continue to improve the service offered.

​​Sending out Certificates

We send training certificates by post. We offer different qualifications based on the course performed. There are different requirements for each course. However, in all instances it is necessary to attend at least 80% of the course in order to pass.

Do you need assistance?

Contact our customer service department,

AENOR formación Customer Services