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End-of-waste status certification
End-of-waste status

End-of-waste status certification

End-of-waste status certification

Promoting the prevention, reuse and recovery of waste

Today's society is making increasing efforts to raise awareness about the problem posed by increasing waste production. In this regard, it is fundamental to promote the prevention, reuse and recovery of waste before taking it to a landfill site as a last option. All of these aspects are reflected in increasingly restrictive legislation in the field of waste management, within the framework of the directives and objectives of Circular Economy.

In 2008 the Directive was published 2008/98/EC, which establishes environmental and human health protection measures by preventing or reducing the adverse effects of waste generation and management, the reduction of global impacts of the use of resources, and the improvement of efficient use. One aspect of the Directive 2008/98 is the end-of-waste status, which is proposed as one of the possibilities to recover generated waste while simultaneously making the raw material market more flexible.

This AENOR certification guarantees that the company has a quality management system in place which complies with the quality requirements of current regulations, enabling these products to be marketed having passed the quality controls demanded throughout the process of transforming waste into a raw material (input, production and output).

The quality management system is perfectly compatible with and complementary to that of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ​ ISO 45001Therefore, the implementation and certification process is much more straightforward for organisations that have a certified management system in accordance with this standard.

Once the audit process has been successfully completed, the organisation obtains an auditing report which includes deviations, observations and improvement opportunities. In addition, if the result is satisfactory, the client obtains the AENOR certificate of conformity for the waste recovery quality management system, which enables it to market these products.

AENOR is the company with the most certifications issued for quality management systems in waste recovery.