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Free allocation - Greenhouse gas emission allowances

Free allocation - Greenhouse gas emission allowances

Free allocation - Greenhouse gas emission allowances

Free allocation of greenhouse gas emission allowances Phase IV Period 2021-2030 ETS.

AENOR is an accredited verification body for sector 98 (nº 02/VCDE006), in accordance with the new procedure for applying for free allocation for fixed facilities and the process used to calculate said allocation for the period 2021-2030.

All the facilities affected by this process (small ETS facilities are excluded) must submit applications for free allowance allocations before 31/05/2019, including the additional documents needed to calculate the free allocation, which are:  

  • A Monitoring Methodology Plan (MMP) that is in-line with Spanish regulations and serves as a basis for the report on the baseline data.
  •  A Report on the Baseline Data (Baseline Data Report), which has been verified and is considered to be satisfactory and which contains all the necessary data about the facilities and sub-facilities, in accordance with EU regulations (period 2014-2018). 

  • A Verification report, in accordance with the requirements of the relevant European Union provisions and with Spanish regulations which, as a minimum requirement, contains verification of the documents stipulated in the two sections above. 

As the implementation terms are so short, apply now for a Verification Report, in accordance with Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/2067 of 19 December 2018 adopted by the European Commission for the allocation of free emission allowances.

​AENOR offers this verification service with the option to include it in voluntary carbon footprint verification in accordance with UNE-ISO 14064.

Once the verification process is complete, your organisation will receive a Verification Report and Opinion that must be submitted to the competent body within the established term along with the previously verified emissions report.

In addition it gives free access to AENORnet and a subscription to the AENOR monthly magazine.

​AENOR is Spain's foremost greenhouse gas emissions verification entity

​Ministry for Ecological Transition. Information on emissions trading.