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Forestry sector - Certifications

Forestry sector - Certifications

Dense forest with trees

Sustainable forest management

Forests are an essential part of our natural heritage, and the future of our society depends on their conservation. Good forestry practices and sustainable forest management are essential to forest maintenance and the fight against forest degradation, desertification and the loss of biodiversity. The forest management certification is the tool that managers and forest owners can use to show their commitment to responsible forest management. Aside from this, the commitment to forestry products, both wood and non-wood, emphasises the use of renewable raw materials, respecting the environment. The chain of custody certification is necessary for creating an informational link between a forest product and its sustainable origin.

The PEFC and FSC® chain of custody certification schemes are in line with the legal requirements addressing illegal timber. Nevertheless, organisations can also opt for AENOR certification for Due Diligence Systems, in conformity with the current legal requirements in Europe under the framework of the EUTR.

Finally, certification schemes like ENplus and BIOMASUD contribute to the focus on using biofuels, which are generally used to substitute fossil fuels.

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Specific certifications for Forest and wood products

Pieces of biofuel


Due diligence system

Due diligence system

The most popular generic certifications for Forest and wood products

Pieces of stacked round wood and a leaf


Dense autumnal forest.



​​​December 2021 - Nº 375

PEFC Certification

The Intersectoral Wood Board of Castilla y León has obtained the PEFC Sustainable Forest Management certificate.

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Forest and part of a lake

​​​Mayo 2014 - No. 294

FSC certification in 16 countries

The certification guarantees that the product comes from a responsibly-managed forest, conforming with environmental, social and economic criteria.

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