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International Projects in which AENOR is a participant


About us

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Our differential value:

The purpose of AENOR's International Projects Department is to contribute to the development of a culture of trust in international markets. We are firmly committed to supporting the widespread use of trust, quality and sustainability models in societies. We have been contributing our knowledge and experience to projects financed by multilateral organisations for over 20 years, which allow companies and organisations to advance in their economic, social and environmental development at all times. Throughout our history, we have provided countless organisations and entities with our technical knowledge and advice on a wide range of issues. We have a valuable team of internal experts and a strong network of international collaborators. Our team of project managers, as well as our business developers, are responsible for ensuring the rigour and quality of AENOR's participation in these opportunities.

Project references

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Our international presence

AENOR has a portfolio of projects in many countries. Throughout our history, we have worked in countries and regions on all continents, acquiring experience and valuable lessons to share and disseminate to our clients. 

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Work with us


AENOR, a technical partner in international projects

We will be happy to explore opportunities for collaboration and participation in consortia to better respond to customer needs. We have extensive experience both leading consortia and participating as partners.


Join our network of international collaborators

We often have technical experts in the various sectors in which we carry out our international projects. If you have experience and technical skills and are interested in collaborating with us, send us an email indicating your field of specialisation and include your CV.