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Biomasud® Certification of solid biofuels for non-industrial purposes

Biomasud® Certification of solid biofuels for non-industrial purposes

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Guarantee a level of consistent quality in solid biofuels for non-industrial purposes

Biomasud® is a European project created for the certification of wood pellets, wood chips, olive pits, nut shells (pine nuts, almonds, hazelnuts), pineapple peels, or blends of these biofuels. 

The BIOMASUD® certification provides support from an independent company, AENOR, which guarantees compliance with the established requirements in the BIOMASUD Handbook for the quality certificate for solid biofuels for non-industrial use.

The aim of the BIOMASUD certification is to ensure a consistent level of quality for solid biofuels throughout the entire supply chain, from production to marketing, logistics and delivery to the end user.

The BIOMASUD requirements are connected with internal quality management, including periodic self-monitoring, suitability of raw materials, facility maintenance, product storage conditions and product labelling and delivery.

During the certification process, AENOR, an independent third-party entity, visits the facilities to ensure compliance with the BIOMASUD requirements. With regards to visits to biofuel producers, product samples will also be taken and sent to a laboratory in order to analyse the parameters required and to determine compliance with the BIOMASUD requirements, which are set forth in the BIOMASUD Handbook and, when applicable, requirements in accordance with the existing European standards.

Each biofuel can be classified according to its quality and type.

Benefits obtained:

  • Open up to new markets. 
  • Differentiation advantage over the competition (with a logo). 
  • Provides a guarantee to the consumer that the biofuel complies with BIOMASUD technical specifications, ensuring a standardised and homogeneous biofuel product. 
  • The quality and homogeneity of biofuel ensures more efficient combustion. 

The BIOMASUD® certification is designed for producers and merchandisers of solid biofuels for non-industrial purposes (wood pellets, wood chips, olive pits, almond shells, pineapple peel, hazelnut shells or a mix of these biofuels).

You can obtain the BIOMASUD certification integrated with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001​​​, Chain of custody PEFCTM​, Chain of Custody FSC®.

Once the certification process has been completed, the organisation obtains:

  • AENOR​ Certificate of Conformity
  • User licence of the BIOMASUD® Mark. Use of the BIOMASUD mark must comply with the requirements established in the BIOMASUD Handbook on the quality seal of non-industrial solid biofuels.​
Biomasud Mark

Biomasud® Mark
​ Each biofuel can be classified according to its quality and type: A, A1, A2, B, B1, B2, accordingly. Each category has its own distinct logo.​

AENOR is the certification company accredited by AVEBIOM for the issuance of BIOMASUD certificates in Spain.