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Electromechanics sector - Certifications

Electromechanics sector - Certifications

Colourful cables showing the inside of each one.

AENOR, a hallmark of quality and safety in electromechanical installations, services and products 

The AENOR N Mark demonstrates compliance with the requirements defined in standards and technical specifications and is a differential factor in the market for electromechanical products.

AENOR has specific certifications for sectors such as cables (which since July 2017 have been subject to CE marking in accordance with European Regulation 305/2011 on construction products), and lifts, which have certifications for both the equipment and maintenance companies.

Among other things, in the field of renewable energy, AENOR certifies the capacity of installations to stay coupled to the electric system without suffering disconnections as a result of voltage dips, in compliance with the procedure defined by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

With a view to favour international activity among companies in the electric and mechanical sector, AENOR issues European and International certificates, such as the HAR Mark for cables, or recognitions of European tests (NTR) and international tests (CB), as well as the ENEC Mark for electrical safety.

Specific certifications for electromechanics

Staff checking machinery


Several domestic appliances, a washing machine, oven, etc.

Electrical household products and equipment

Street lighting.



Corridor with three lifts and two potted plants

​​September 2017 - No. 329

Our Partners, FEEDA

The Federación Empresarial Española de Ascensores (FEEDA) is a professional association set up to defend the interests of associations and companies in the lift sector.

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A professional handling an electronic panel

​​July and August 2017 - No. 328

CTN 204. Electrical safety

CTN 204 has drawn up technical standards for tools, equipment and devices for use in live-line work, including their operational, care, and maintenance requirements​.

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Range of multicolour wires

​​May 2017 - No. 326​​​

New standards for cables

All the power, control and communication cables and fibre optics destined to be permanently installed on construction sites must comply, as of July, with the basic safety requirements in case of fire established by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

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