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Management tool courses

Management tool courses

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Within the various hierarchical levels of a company, there is always a management system responsible for fine-tuning the gears that drive it. Management tools in a company are employed to draw up plans, generate documentation and facilitate the monitoring of the work performed. The courses are closely linked to the carrying out of regular internal audits and require personnel qualified in ISO 19011 methodology, non-conformities management, claims management and documentary support. Management tool courses are designed to train these professionals, which are highly engaged in an optimal business performance.

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Management tools training

These techniques and strategies applied to control and efficiency improvement are the basis of knowledge management, communication, information accessibility and, ultimately, the activity's success. AENOR's management tool courses delve into these and many other key aspects of the business' driving force, such as quality management tools and data management tools.

This extensive and versatile training is part of a complete catalogue of courses aimed at training auditors in the fundamentals of the ISO 19011 standard and its application as well as in more specific areas: non-conformity management, claims management, preparation of procedures.

The management tool courses are aimed at professionals that hold very diverse positions within the business framework. That is, from quality technicians and personnel engaged in the processing of claims and incidents to directors, auditors, managers or anyone interested in implementing procedures to improve the company's competitiveness and profitability.

It is an accessible type of training also from a methodological point of view. The courses are offered in-person or by Live Training, which involves following the lesson live in a Virtual Classroom.