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Legal Notices

Legal Notices


AENOR INTERNACIONAL, S.A.U., with tax ID number (CIF) A83076687, is a company with registered offices in Calle Génova, nº 6, 28004 Madrid, incorporated for an indefinite term by public deed granted in the presence of Notary Public of Madrid, Mr. Amalio MENÉNDEZ LORAS on 13 July 2001, under notary record number 2,024, and registered in the Madrid Mercantile Register, volume 16,834, folio 79, sheet M-287,700, 1st entry.

Should you wish to contact AENOR you can do so directly at the address stated above, or through the following contacts:

AENOR does not assume any responsibility for the material included on these pages. This material:

  • Does not necessarily offer exhaustive, complete, accurate or updated information.
  • On occasion, contains links to external pages over which AENOR has no control and with regard to which it declines all liability.
  • Does not offer professional advice.

Likewise, AENOR is not liable for possible damages that could be suffered by the user due to their incorrect, erroneous, inappropriate or improper use of the services and content of this website.

AENOR reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the structure of its website, both in form and content, and to cancel its publication without the need to advise users in advance of this circumstance.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

That it is the owner of the "" domains, registered in Nominalia dated 17 November 1996 with ID code 7CD1-MIG1, and "", registered in Nominalia dated 12 November 2008 with ID code 74731616_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN.

AENOR, owns intellectual and industrial property rights over the website, its graphic design and content, unless different ownership is indicated.

The total or partial, free or costly reproduction, distribution, marketing, copying, duplication, transfer or transformation of this page without the prior express and written authorisation of AENOR is not permitted.

The user acknowledges that the information which they can access via the website is protected by intellectual and industrial property rights, as well as other types of rights, and that any use of this site in violation of these rights shall be prosecuted in accordance with current legislation.

1. Licensee: Hereinafter, the Client or beneficiary will be referred to as the "Licensee”.

2. Licence: AENOR guarantees that it has the right to grant a User Licence for the use of normative documents in electronic format (hereinafter, the "Licence") to the Licensee.

2.1 The rights for use of the content of the Licence belong, exclusively, to AENOR.

2.2 AENOR holds and will hold, at all times, its full rights of distribution of the content of the Licence and it guarantees that it has the right to grant and revoke the Licence.

2.3 The Licensee authorises any accredited representative of AENOR to visit its premises, in order to check the correct compliance of these terms and conditions.

3. Permitted Use: The Licensee undertakes to use the Licence only under these terms and conditions.

3.1 AENOR does not transfer any rights, title or benefit.

3.2 The Licensee will not be able to carry out total or partial reproductions, nor will it be able to lend, donate, yield, assign, sell or lease, totally or partially, standards, marks, copyright symbols, etc., without the express written authorisation of AENOR. AENOR reserves its right to claim compensation for damages and harm suffered in the event of non-compliance.

3.3 The Licensee is obliged to adopt all measures necessary to prevent unauthorised third parties from accessing or having knowledge of the Licence content.

3.4 The Licensee will be able to print contents from the Licence, exclusively for internal use, subject to intellectual property rights in accordance with clause 6. These copies may not be filed or scanned to be part of a reference collection in hard copies, with AENOR reserving its right to claim compensation for damages and harm suffered in the event of non-compliance.

3.5 The Licence is granted for one user only and for a single device. The Licensee will not be able to use them, or lend, donate or lease them in a computer network system, simultaneous access system, website, multiple central processing unit or multi-user system, except for express and written authorisation from AENOR.

3.6 In the event of poor operation of their computer, which impedes access or use of the Licence, the Licensee will be able to transfer them to another computer, provided that it is removed from the initial computer and the use of the Licence on the new computer conforms to these terms and conditions.

4. Amendment: AENOR reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions, with the prior provision of information and acceptance of the Licensee.

5. Intellectual property: The Licensee does not acquire any rights with respect to the AENOR Marks, content of the Licence or any other intellectual or industrial property of AENOR, companies of the AENOR Group or of its suppliers, without prior approval in writing from AENOR.

5.1 The Licensee should maintain in good condition all indications on the property that appear in the normative documents (standards, marks, copyright symbols) that determine the ownership of the copyrights of the same.

5.2. The Licensee should maintain the symbols, marks, the Licence or any other mention of property that the Issuing Body establishes in its product, in all reproductions, total or partial, that have been authorised expressly by AENOR, by virtue of this Licence.

5.3. The Licensee will inform AENOR of any act of unfair competition or violation of the industrial or intellectual property rights of which it is aware, and, in general, will adopt all necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality and the respect for the property right that corresponds to AENOR.

6. Breaches: Any breach by the Licensee regarding the present terms and conditions, will give AENOR the right to revoke the Licence immediately, for which it will send the Licensee a simple communication to this effect, without the Licensee having the right to the reimbursement of the payments made until then.

7. Warranty: AENOR does not offer an express or implied warranty with regard to the Licence. The Licensee will notify AENOR in writing, within 30 calendar days, following access of the Licence, of any defect or error detected in its content. Understanding that, by not doing so, the Licence is found to be to their complete satisfaction.

7.1 In the event of defects being observed in the support within 30 calendar days, following the notification, AENOR guarantees that it will refund the amount paid or replace the content of the Licence.

8. Liability of AENOR: AENOR declines any type of liability derived from this User Licence.

9. Force majeure: Neither of the parties shall incur liabilities in view of a delay or non-compliance during their activity, nor shall claims for damages be generated, insofar as this delay or non-compliance is due to any situation caused by force majeure, in accordance with the provisions set out in Article 1,105 of the Spanish Civil Code.

10. Data Protection: Both parties declare that they are aware of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR).

11. Confidentiality: The parties are obliged to maintain strict confidentiality on all the terms, procedures and information received and/or known on the occasion of or as a result of this Licence. Information which is in the public domain Is excluded from this clause.

12 Specific conditions of the Licensee: Any provision or verbal agreement which may include the Licensee that does not match what was agreed in these terms and conditions, will not have any validity and effectiveness, except for the explicit and written acceptance of AENOR.

13. Validity: When due to a court ruling, or a ruling of any other nature, any of these clauses is invalid, totally or partially, such invalidity will not be extended to the rest of the clauses specified herein.

14. Applicable law and jurisdiction: The present terms and conditions are established within the framework of Spanish legislation. The parties, expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, agree to be bound by the decisions of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid.

AENOR's online purchasing service offers you the standards UNE, ISO, ASTM, IEC, IEEE, in addition to technical books on paper and electronic media (PDF or Epub). The possibility of contacting is offered through to request standards or publications from other organisations that are not available on the website.

Placing an order

AENOR standards and books that appear in the online store can only be purchased through the website. AENOR does not have a physical store. ​

Purchase procedure: by clicking on "Buy" the selected products will be added to the shopping basket. If you experience visualisation problems, the recommended browser is Chrome.

To formalise a purchase you need to access the customer area. If you are not registered as a customer, you must fill in the form by submitting your details and choose a password and username. This will register you as a customer.

Once you are registered as a customer, you will be able to view all the articles placed in the shopping basket, their prices, the taxes imposed by current legislation and delivery costs, if applicable.

The prices of the standards and publication that appear in the different sections do not include tax or postage.

Order delivery

For digital products (PDF, Epub), delivery is carried out by direct download through the website in the Customer Area, which can only be accessed with a password and username. In the customer area, products purchased will be available for a period of 15 days from the date of the purchase, provided that the payment has been made and accepted.

For products on paper, the shipment is carried out by courier. The maximum delivery time for orders placed in Spain, from the moment the order is confirmed by our Publications Service, is seven days for standards or books that are available in the online store. You can check the time for other products not available online at

Stocks of books are limited, and all products are displayed online, regardless of immediate availability. If the requested book is not available, customers will be notified that they may receive their order later than anticipated.

Returns guarantee

​Upon receipt, you have seven days to return products in their original packaging and in perfect condition. You must pay for collection and shipping costs. Refunds are only permitted for the shipment of printed products; refunds of downloads in electronic format are not included.

Payment methods

  • Credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard) and PayPal.
  • Bank transfer. If you choose this payment method you must email a copy of the transfer in advance to AENOR at


Purchases made by residents of European Union member states are subject to VAT (value added tax).

Legal entities and individuals who act as business operators, whose registered address is in a European Union member state (except those residing in Spain) and who have an intracommunity NIF/VAT number entered into the VIES register are exempt from VAT, provided the relevant document is sent by email to

Personal purchases carried out by individuals, regardless of where they have their residence, will be subject to the payment of VAT.

Purchases made by entities in non-European Union member states will be exempt from VAT, provided they email the document confirming their tax residence to

Orders placed in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, by entities other than individuals, will be subject to a special tax regime, in accordance with current laws, but the corresponding document must be sent by email to

Sales operations are considered to be made at AENOR's registered offices: Génova 6, 28004, Madrid - Spain.