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Subsidised courses

Subsidised courses

All the information you need about the subsidised training

What is subsidised training?

Any company that has employed workers has a training bursary that is paid through discounts on social security contributions paid by companies.

This bursary is the result of applying the percentage established annually in the General State Budget Act, depending on the number of employees, to the amount paid to the Social Security Institute in the previous year, as a professional training fee:

Employees registered in the Social Security General Scheme.

IMPORTANT: This system is not valid for freelance workers or employees of government agencies. However, if you have hired workers as self-employed workers, you can receive a bursary for training these workers.

According to FUNDAE, the maximum amount a company can receive (within its credit limit) in the form of bursaries for each training activity can be calculated as follows (approximately):

  • Face-to-face/Live Training Course: €13 x no. of hours x no. of attendees
  • Online course: €7.5 x no. of hours x no. of attendees

Up to seven days before the date training starts. Once you formally register via the website, you will receive an email with the documents CAMPUS AENOR needs to process the paperwork with FUNDAE.

After this time, CAMPUS AENOR will not be responsible for this process and will accept no responsibility in this regard.

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