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Environmental product declarations

Environmental product declarations

Declaraciones ambientales de producto de AENOR

Proving environmental excellence

Environmental profile is an increasingly important criteria for public and private purchasing and consumer choice.

Companies possess various mechanisms to prove and communicate the environmental excellence of their products and services, such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), in accordance with International Standard ISO 14025, which establishes the requirements that must be met by these Environmental Declarations, including third-party verification. Building products and services use European Standard EN 15804, which recognises the environmental information of construction products in Europe, as it is a harmonised and recognised standard.

These environmental declarations (Environmental Product Declarations, EPD) provide a reliable, relevant, transparent, comparable and verifiable environmental profile and highlight environmentally-friendly products based on life cycle assessments (LCA), in accordance with international standards and quantifiable environmental data.

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) forming the basis of the EPDs must be conducted in accordance with specific Product Category Rules (PCR) published as technical standards or by a recognised programme. These PCRs guarantee a set of coherent criteria for a family of products with equivalent functions.

AENOR certification permits organizations to be globally recognized for their environmental communication:

European recognition

AENOR is a member of ECO Platform, l​a Asociación Europea para verificación de DAP conforme a la Norma EN​ 15804, y está acreditado para emitir Declaraciones ambientales con el logotipo ECO Platform EPD EN 15804 VERIFIED™.

AENOR tiene además suscritos mutual recognition bilateral agreements with several European Administrators.

Technical Building Code (CTE)

Las GlobalEPD Declarations para algunos productos de construcción son las únicas DAP incluidas en el Registro General de Certificaciones medioambientales del análisis de vida de los productos y otras evaluaciones medioambientales de los edificios del Código Técnico de la Edificación del Ministerio de Fomento.

For the manufacturer:

  • They enable organisations to communicate the environmental performance of their products and services in a standardised way. AENOR verification provides confidence in the information supplied and guarantees the highest level of national and international recognition.
  • EPDs are used in public and private purchasing at a global level, as well as in environmental certification schemes for buildings. A verified EPD helps companies to market their products, including exports, and also to prepare for future changes in statutory requirements for public and private purchasing.

For the consumer:

  • An LCA is a tool that helps to improve processes. Therefore, EPDs can be used to communicate the improvements achieved by ecodesign processes in accordance with the International Standard ISO 14006.
  • LCAs are compatible with other product environmental footprints (PEFs) such as carbon and water footprints.

  • Smart tool to select timber products for the construction industry. More information.
  • Published declarations

You can view the current GlobalEPD Declarations here.

The GlobalEPD Declarations issued with the ECO Platform EPD EN 15804 VERIFIED™ are available in the section dedicated to the Association ECO Platform. ECO Platform. The Declarations of other Administrators recognised by the GlobalEPD Programme are available in the specific international recognition section.

  • General Rules of the GlobalEPD Programme

AENOR has established certain Rules or General Instructions in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 14025, in order to guarantee the reliability and transparency of its management of the GlobalEPD Programme and verification procedures.

  • Product Category Rules

The PCRs published by AENOR are available in the corresponding industry panel. industry panel correspondiente.

  • Documentation available for public consultation

In order to ensure the credibility and transparency of the programme in accordance with the International Standard ISO 14025, before its final publication, AENOR subjects the programme documentation to public consultation, including the General Rules and the PCRs.

The comments must be clear, specific and justified. Individuals that leave comments must provide their name, organisation, and contact details in order to receive a reply.

The comments received will be taken into consideration by AENOR and a reply will be issued to the organisation that sends the enquiry. The comments, together with the related information, including the reply, will form part of AENOR's records and they can publish them in line with the goal of the transparency of the Programme.

At this time, there are no documents available for public consultation.


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EPD of building products

Environmental Product Declarations are of great importance for the building industry due to the requirements of public and private purchasing, and building certification models.

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EPD bilateral recognition agreements

Para apoyar la internalización de las empresas, AENOR está alcanzando mutual recognition bilateral agreements con los principales Programas de verificación de DAP

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ECO Platform

​​​AENOR es ​miembro fundador de la Asociación Europea​ ECO Platform y puede emitir Declaraciones ambientales con el logotipo ECO Platform EPD EN 15804 VERIFIED™

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Ecodesign ISO 14006

Management systems certification

Identify, monitor and improve environmental aspects of products and services

Carbon footprint

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AENOR verifies the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) during the life cycle of a product

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