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Types of certification for organisations, services and systems

Certification of services and systems organisations

Discover the 10 keys to successfully conduct a remote audit

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AENOR helps to manage the audit process of organisations in order to carry them out remotely, guaranteeing confidence in the systems, as well as the quality and adequacy of the processes. This article offers ten keys for organisations to successfully carry out a remote audit.

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Gender Equality and Equal Pay Certification

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Social responsibility, successfully managing stakeholders

General instructions for use of the AENOR Mark and seals

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How to make your certificate visible

Show the market your organisation's achievements and build more trust among your collaborators, customers and consumers using a range of materials offered by AENOR.

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Numbers 1 to 9 of the certification steps
Obtain certification in nine steps

There are just nine steps between you and certification. We invite you to find out more about these steps and take them with us.

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The AENOR challenge

Certification of management schemes... Commitment tool

The commitment from AENOR and all certified organisations goes beyond regular activity to improve human resource, environmental, social and economic management

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Social responsibility, successfully managing stakeholders 

Eight ground rules for certification success. Download the e-book.

Certification what, who, how, when, why and for whom 

How should SMEs approach the development of their Non-financial Statements?