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Certification Sectors


AENOR offers you certifications and specific compliance assessment services in response to the demands of each industry. Its most significant advantage is the ability to facilitate access to markets. In some cases it not only facilitates sales, but also serves as an essential requirement for entering certain markets, whether due to legal considerations, or because the product's buyers request it.

By certifying management systems, AENOR supports competitiveness among companies and institutions, developing this activity, voluntarily, under a system of total impartiality, transparency and objectivity. Competitiveness is a hallmark of companies that go beyond the traditional market and strive to offer a service or product with added value for the customer, accompanied by the AENOR seal of prestige and warranty.​

Public administration

Public administration




Automotive industry and components

Automotive industry and components

Construction and civil works

Construction and civil works


Colourful cables showing the inside of each one.

Timber and wood

Environmental industry


Chemicals, pharmacy and cosmetics

Chemist, pharmacist and cosmetician

Health care and Social Services

Transport and logistics

Transport and logistics

Tourism and leisure

Tourism and leisure


Knowledge centre

Guide for applying Standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 

Guide for the application of Standard UNE-EN-ISO S9001:2015 on construction companies. Download the guide.

Social responsibility toolkit 

SR toolkit. Download the eBook.​


The AENOR challenge

Certification of management schemes... Commitment tool

The commitment from AENOR and all certified organisations goes beyond regular activity to improve human resource, environmental, social and economic management

Do you commit?

How to implement ISO 45001, the new occupational health and safety standard With video!

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Desde el 12 de marzo está disponible en todo el mundo la ISO 45001, primera norma internacional de sistemas de gestión de seguridad y salud en el trabajo. Its publication repeals OHSAS 18001, and companies certified according to that standard have three years to make the migration. For them, and for those who are starting from scratch, we offer guidelines for implementing ISO 45001.

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