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CSR Certification: Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Certification: Corporate Social Responsibility

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Ethics, compliance and managing interest groups

In an increasingly competitive and globalized world, organisations are more aware of their active role generating wealth, employment, quality products and services, as well as other profits for their shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholder groups in the communities and environments in which they operate. Companies and other types of organisations can and must contribute to sustainable development via their leaders' decided commitment to establishing a culture of integrity, transparency, honesty and compliance.

By introducing social responsibility criteria (economic, environmental and social aspects), ethical management and transparency, companies can become more competitive, reduce risk and improve management practices. That is why companies with a firm corporate social responsibility commitment are growing in number throughout Spain.

AENOR offers advanced and comprehensive solutions such as IQNet SR10 certification or certification of criminal compliance model and solutions aimed at interest groups and specific aspects such as the prevention of bribery (ISO 37001) or the checking of social responsibility and sustainability reports.


Global Social Responsibility Tools

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Interest group management tools

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Customers, consumers and users

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Industry approach

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Risks management


April 2023 -​ No. 390

How to build inclusive and sustainable work environments

The new AENOR certificate of Diversity and Inclusion allows organisations to address inequalities, as well as people's conscious and unconscious biases and behaviours.


December 2022 - No. 386

How to purchase sustainably

The new AENOR Sustainable Purchasing Strategy certificate based on the UNE-ISO 20400 Standard helps companies incorporate the entire value chain into their commitment to sustainability, making it more sustainable.


May 2022 - Nº 380

Inclusion, equality and diversity at Intercarry Logística Limitada

The Chilean company Intercarry Logística Limitada is committed to achieving an ambitious challenge: incorporate gender equality and work-life balance into its personnel management processes.


May 2022 - Nº 380

Organizations committed to the elderly

The new AENOR model for organisations committed to the elderly is intended to help to develop inclusive solutions that address the needs of an increasingly large segment of society.


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