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Contribución de AENOR a la sociedad

AENOR contributes to society in four major fields:


AENOR certifies organisations in their implementation of Social Responsibility policies, including the important IQNet SR10, with more than 60 organisations certified in more than 15 countries; and certifications of Universal Access exceding 50 accreditations.

They also support tertiary sector initiatives, with activities like those led by the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer); Bancos de Alimentos (food banks), and the Centro de Transfusión de la Comunidad de Madrid (Community of Madrid Transfusion Centre). In addition, the AENOR choir runs a programme of Charity Concerts.


AENOR is committed to fully integrating the environmental dimension and respect for the natural environment in both its own activities and those of its clients. For this reason, AENOR has a wide-range of certifications relating to the environment. AENOR has issued more than 9,000 certificates and validations, including, among others, Environmental Management, Carbon Footprint, Ecodesign, and Energy Management Systems.

Good corporate practice

We develop tools that help organisations manage good corporate practice, such as IURISCERT, according to UNE 19601. This system establishes and specifies what is required for a management system in order to prevent acts being committed that constitute criminal offences or which may be committed under the cover of a legal entity, spreading the culture of prevention and compliance in the organisation.

In AENOR we have deployed the Crime and Fraud Prevention System. This system includes, among others points, the Code of Ethics, the Regulations of the Crime and Fraud Prevention System, the map of criminal risks, and the system of internal investigation and internal reporting protocol.


AENOR is committed to the satisfaction of its employees, customers and suppliers:

AENOR contributes value through people. This is why our internal communication channels are constantly being improved, ensuring our professionals always communicate in a transparent way. There are special inboxes for equality policies and the prevention of harassment, and the recruitment of personnel with disabilities is encouraged, as well as collaboration on work integration projects and with special employment centres.

We work to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, safeguarding communication and their right to privacy. In addition, we resolve incidents thanks to a Quality Management System for conformity assessment activities.

We care about the code of conduct that helps us maintain the best possible relationship with our suppliers; and we respect the Procurement and Sub-contracting Policy, to promote compliance with criteria in the areas of basic human rights, work, health and job safety among suppliers and contractors.

Accreditations and awards


Accreditation is the formal recognition of the independence and technical capacity of an evaluation entity regarding compliance and capacity to carry out its work in accordance with internationally-recognised standards.

Find out more about AENOR's accredited and recognised activities.

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