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Operation Clean Sweep Certification: reduction of microplastics
OCS Operation Clean Sweep

Operation Clean Sweep Certification: reduction of microplastics

Operation Clean Sweep Certification: reduction of microplastics

Pellet reduction: marine litter responsibility

Operation Clean Sweep ®, a global initiative from the plastics industry to reduce the leakage of primary microplastics into the environment in the form of pellets, flakes, or powdered resin, which is advancing thanks to everyone's commitment.

This voluntary initiative is implemented in many countries in North America and in the case of Spain and for the plastics processing sector, adhesion to the initiative is through ANAIP (Spanish Association of Plastics Industry, holder of the rights of OCS in Spain .

The certification for the degree of OCS implementation recognises companies that voluntarily and actively commit to reducing waste in the environment, as well as raising awareness among their employees, while improving their working conditions.

To this end, they have identified the critical points of potential spillage throughout their process; they have implemented the necessary actions to minimise these risks and have also provided strategically located means so that in the event of any accidental spillage it can be corrected at the time.

With the establishment of suitable indicators, the evolution of the implementation of the commitment can be measured over time.

It applies to any company involved in the production, transport, storage and processing of plastic raw materials, regardless of where the activity centre(s) is/are located.

Due to its structure, the OCS certification is compatible with another management system such as the ISO 14001. Once adhered to the OCS, you can also verify it through a third party.

  • If you are certified with the ISO 14001 the OCS would be included in voluntary agreements.
  • If you are not certified with the ISO 14001, only the OCS can be verified.

Once the Auditing process has been completed, if the requirements established in the protocol are met:

AENOR has granted CONTENUR with the first Operation Clean Sweep® certification.

1 Thursday

AENOR OCS Certification


8 Thursday

Recycling content and traceability