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Healthcare sector - Certifications

Healthcare sector - Certifications

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Certification, a useful tool for comprehensive health care management

AENOR has developed a broad catalogue of certifications that contribute to improving health services management and the satisfaction of all users of the system. AENOR's certificates bolster competitiveness among health care organisations, encouraging ongoing improvement in the fields of quality management, healthcare, environment, information security, food safety and health care products.

In the Health care field, AENOR offers more than 900certificates that promote improved competitiveness among organisations in the sector.

AENOR focuses its activities in Health Care on four basic premises: contribute to improve the health of the people, to bring the health care system closer to society, to improve the management of health care organisations and to increase the efficiency of the sector.

AENOR's certificates are intended for both public and private organisations: from health services or health councils in all autonomous communities to hospitals, clinics, haemodialysis centres, image diagnosis centres, laboratories or sanitary transportation companies, along with opticians, pharmacies, dentists, and all kinds of centres that provide socio-sanitary services, such as residences, day/night centres, etc.


Specific certifications for Health Care and Social Services

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Health care

Hands holding a globe with the international breast cancer symbol


The most-implemented generic certifications in Health care and Social Services

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Team of doctors carrying out surgery


Globe and stethoscope

Doctor holding a patient's hand
Social responsibility

Woman between digital screens projecting different images


​​September 2023 - Nº 394​​

Successfully managing psychosocial risks

The AENOR certification on managing psychosocial risks makes it easier for organizations to identify this type of risk, which may affect workers.

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July August 2023 No. 393

UNE-CEN ISO/TS 20440, Regulatory information on medications

The new Standard UNE-CEN ISO/TS 20440:2023 is a fundamental guide that describes the unique identification and exchange of regulated information on pharmaceutical dose forms.


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