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Centres for paper and cardboard collection and recycling
Centres for paper and cardboard collection and recycling

Centres for paper and cardboard collection and recycling

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Environmental protection at Centres for Paper and Cardboard Collection and Recycling

The operations of loading, unloading, cleaning, classifying and bundling paper and cardboard waste have become a process that requires attention to environmental aspects.

Centres collecting and recycling this waste are responsible for providing a safe, environmentally sustainable service. These are the objectives of this certification, which entails the AENOR Environmental Services Mark.

The standard's audit process UNE 134001​ includes a visit to the Centre, an examination of the documentation ensuring adequate control and monitoring of the corresponding processes and a detailed inspection of the facilities subject to the certification, including:

  • Weighing scales.
  • Facilities and fire-fighting equipment.
  • Protective safety equipment, clothes and footwear that are suitable for the staff.
  • Facility signage.
  • Characteristics of the process of unloading, cleaning, classifying, bundling and, where applicable, storage of the paper and cardboard waste.

Benefits for the organisation:

  • Increased professionalisation of core resources.
  • Control of the service provided.
  • Certainty that the facility complies with the main environmental and occupational hazard requirements.

With clients:

  • Differentiation from the competition.
  • Reinforcement of the company's image.
  • Communication of the environmental commitment and of risk prevention in a strategic sector.

This certification is applicable to centres collecting and recycling paper and cardboard.

The implementation of an environmental management system in accordance with UNE-EN-ISO 14001 or to manage occupational health and safety OSHAS 18001 are perfectly integrated with this service providing standard.

Once the different audit processes have been completed and AENOR confirms compliance with the requirements of the Standard UNE, AENOR will grant the Services Environment Certification as well as the licence to use the AENOR Environment Mark. 134001.​​

AENOR Mark for Environment Services

AENOR Mark for Environment Services


AENOR has certified more than 30 Centres collecting and recycling paper and cardboard in accordance with UNE 134001 since 2002.​