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AENOR laboratory, rigour and reliability in testing

Accredited according to the UNE-EN ISO 17025 (ENAC) standard and basing our work on the rigour and reliability that characterises the AENOR Mark, we are undoubtedly your most trusted ally. The AENOR laboratory conducts tests and analyses of food, materials and masks, among others, in order to provide confidence in the products that various companies make available to consumers.

Physicochemical Laboratory

In our physicochemical laboratory we carry out analyses and tests aimed at checking the composition, quality and safety of different products: food, animal feed, food supplements, perfumery, cosmetics and drugstore products.
We perform a wide variety of tests: nutritional analysis, allergens, contaminants such as drug residue, heavy metals, acrylamide, mycotoxins and others.

Aenor's Physicochemical laboratory is active in the following areas:

Food, Animal feed, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics.

AENOR is accredited by ENAC for testing nutritional composition, contaminants, allergens and water. Scope No. 731/LE1555.


Microbiological Laboratory

The microbiology laboratory allows us to assess food safety, reducing the risks associated with microorganisms such as Salmonella or Listeria monocytogenes.

We carry out analyses of foodstuffs, surfaces or handlers, among others. We also carry out studies on shelf-life, stability and challenge tests.

Aenor's microbiological laboratory is active in the following sectors:

Food, Animal feed, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics.

AENOR is accredited by ENAC in the Microbiological Analysis Programm, Scope No. 731/LE1555.


Sensory Laboratory

Do you want to know how the consumer values your products? Do you need to improve a product that is on the market and don't know how? Are you developing a new product and need to know what the consumer wants?

AENOR's sensory laboratory gives you answers to these questions based on consumer studies or through panels of trained, expert judges. We collaborate with our clients in their search for differentiating organoleptic characteristics that will mark the success of their products.

The Sensory Laboratory AENOR is active in the following work sectors:

Food, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics.


Materials laboratory

AENOR's materials laboratory verifies that plastic and other materials are suitable for their intended use and that they do not transmit toxic compounds.

Plastic, polymers, ceramics, metals and construction materials are analysed to provide confidence as to their performance as food packaging and in all other uses, whenever they are in contact with water or food.

The AENOR materials laboratory is active in the following work sectors:

Food, Nutraceuticals, Construction materials.

AENOR is accredited by ENAC to carry out migration testing Scope No. 731/LE1555.


Mask laboratory

Hygienic and surgical masks are an essential element of protection against respiratory infections, which is why it is important to ensure that they meet minimum requirements to ensure their effectiveness and proper functioning.

In the AENOR laboratory we carry out Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and Breathability tests, as well as tests for minimum washing requirements in the case of reusable hygienic masks.

We also collaborate with accredited laboratories for the analysis of FFP2 masks. Our aim is to offer our customers a comprehensive service with high added value.

AENOR Laboratory

Certified to analyse staphylococcal enterotoxins

Our efficient microbiological, physicochemical, sensory, and migration analysis service makes us a strategic ally of our clients.

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