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AENOR is the leading certification entity in Spain in both quality management systems and environmental management systems. The serious and rigorous work that has always characterised AENOR has led to its certificates being the most highly valued, not only in Spain but also internationally, positioning AENOR among the most important certifiers in the world. As a founding member of IQNet, companies are assured international recognition with an AENOR certification

On this increasingly global stage, companies need collaborators that can act with the same efficiency in any environment. AENOR's experience and success in the field of the certification and inspection contribute the added value required in each market and are key tools not only for promoting and providing the international reach of Spanish companies, but also for generating and instilling confidence on an international scale within the scope of commercial and business relations.

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Ten keys to carrying out a successful remote audit

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AENOR helps to manage the audit process of organisations in order to carry them out remotely, guaranteeing confidence in the systems, as well as the quality and adequacy of the processes. This article offers ten keys for organisations to successfully carry out a remote audit.

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In the face of difficult situations, it is essential to find feasible solutions. Streamlining auditing procedures and being able to continue carrying out our work in a way that verifies the implementation of management systems in optimal conditions of reliability, not only promotes confidence in the systems, but also in the quality and adequacy of the procedures.

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Certification of gender and remuneration equality

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Certification for organisations, services or systems

Certification of organisations, services and systems

Product certification

Certification of products, hard hats for protection in the construction sector

Persons Certification – Data Protection Officer

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Analysis and Testing

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CERTOOL software

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Knowledge centre

8 rules for success in certification 

Eight ground rules for certification success. Download the e-book.

Certification what, who, how, when, why and for whom

The what, who, how, when, what for and who for of certification. Download the e-book.​

The AENOR challenge

Certification of management schemes... Commitment tool

The commitment from AENOR and all certified organisations goes beyond regular activity to improve human resource, environmental, social and economic management

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Practical cases - Port Authority of Bilbao

Trading port. 

The Port Authority of Bilbao is the first port company to obtain the AENOR Healthy Workplace certificate. This is the culmination of the Portu Osasuntsua-Healthy Port project, which started in 2014, and whose objective is to achieve a workspace that protects, promotes and supports physical, mental, social and cultural wellbeing among its employees.

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