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In-company training

In-company training

AENOR training for companies, in-company training

AENOR gives you the ability to carry out training in your own facilities, without having to travel, and exclusively for your company.

Consult us, and we will help you plan and organise the course you need.

Phases for the development of in-company​​ training projects

  • Detection of needs and consultancy.
  • Analysis of each proposal and budget elaboration.
  • Choice of the most suitable format: in person, Online, …​
  • Guidance on subsidy assistance from the State Foundation for Employment Training (Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo).
  • Development of the training activity.
  • Training assessment and monitoring.


Solutions adapted to companies

Adapted content

We adapt courses to the requirements of companies, providing customised responses that are focused on developing groups and organisations.


The courses take place wherever and whenever the customer requests them, with no changes needed to the rhythm of workers and activity of companies.


We assess each budget individually to make it as cost-effective as possible. This option removes any travel expenses (journeys, accommodation, food, etc.). This represents significant savings on your training costs!


We allocate the teachers who are best adapted to participants' profiles. To do this, we have the best teaching professionals on the market.

Practical approach

We use a teaching approach that guarantees the best understanding of content. The minimum practical content of each of our courses is 40%, which is significantly higher than auditors' training programmes and courses.

Subsidised by FUNDAE

In-company Training allows companies to maximise the credits they can get from the State Foundation for Employment Training, thus substantially saving on training costs. AENORformación provides a free service to facilitate the management of this option.

Do you need assistance?

Get in touch with our customer service department and we will look into your case individually, providing you with a budget immediately.

AENOR formación customer services