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Transport and logistics sector certifications

Transport and logistics sector certifications

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Quality kilometres, safety, comfort and effectiveness​

Elements such as customer service, the needs of people with reduced mobility, information, comfort, environmental protection, the safety of passengers, employees, luggage and goods, are already essential for passengers and customers. AENOR offers companies related with transport a wide catalogue of certifications that contribute to building trust among customers and supporting their competitiveness.

AENOR is a friend of operators in the transport sector, both of passengers and goods, from the metro to buses, along with railway, aeroplane, boat, tram and cable car providers.. The most valued certification is the AENOR certification and it therefore inspires greater confidence among all the groups.


Specific Certifications for Transport and Logistics

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Ambulance and helicopter

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  • ISO 14001 Environmental management
  • EMAS EC Regulation 1221/2009
  • ISO 14064 Carbon footprint of organisations (GHG Protocol and industry specifications)
  • OCS Operation Clean Sweep
  • Zero waste

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Energy management

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Social Responsibility
  • UNE 170001Universal​ accessibility management


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January 2017 - No. 322

Quality across all operations

Avanza is one of the major operators in the road passenger transport sector in Spain. As a result of the merging of different urban and regional transport companies, its Operations Management is committed to standardising its management systems in the areas of quality, environment, occupational health and safety, and energy efficiency...


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​​​​April 2017 - No. 325​

10% saving on fuel and emissions

Reducing energy consumption is a key aspect of sustainability policies in the European Union, applied to all business sectors and as a matter of priority in the transport sector, as it offers some of the greatest room for environmental improvement.


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​​July, August 2015 - No. 306​

Quality public transport

During the certification process, improvement opportunities were identified and new safety measures were introduced. Additionally, the response time for queries and suggestions has been optimised which brings the focus onto passengers.​

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