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AISE Mark sustainability of detergents
AISE mark, Charter for Sustainable Cleaning

AISE Mark sustainability of detergents

AISE Mark sustainability of detergents

Sustainability with soaps, detergents and cleaning products

The sustainability Charter for detergents has been designed with the aim of integrating health, safety and environment throughout the entire life cycle of products related to the soap, detergent and cleaning product sector.

Companies that wish to obtain the mark awarded by AISE should be subject to independent controls that demonstrate their commitment to sustainability when developing and manufacturing products. They must also provide data that allows for the measurement of economic performance and social and environmental results. In addition, they will have to make a commitment to giving information on the safety of their products to consumers and customers.

Internal benefits for your organisation:

  • It facilitates the opening of new markets sensitive to environmental issues.
  • Reduction of costs via efficient use of the resources employed.

Benefits for your clients:

  • Consumers who choose a product with this mark are opting for a company committed to sustainable development.
  • It stands out from competitors because of its distinctive logo.

The award of the Mark AISE is not only aimed at companies manufacturing soaps, detergents and cleaning products but also at distributors, packers and distribution chains.

Within the requirements for the AISE verification, specific aspects from the standard UNE 150301 on Ecodesign are mentioned. These discuss how to treat raw materials under an approach focused on Sustainability. With respect to controlling activities, there are some specific aspects of the UNE-EN ISO 14001 and other safety measures from the OHSAS specification 18001​.

When the verification process has been satisfactorily completed, your organisation obtains:

  • The AENOR Certificate of Conformity.​
  • A license to use the AISE Mark.

AISE​ Mark


AENOR is a member of the panel of testers officially approved by the AISE, for AISE verification in companies that wish to subscribe to the Charter of Sustainability.

More information can be found at the Sustainable Cleaning Initiative website