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AENOR helps you improve your competitive edge, either through quality, respect for the environment, or workplace safety, demonstrating social responsibility and, above all, improving the efficiency of business management processes.

As well as providing certification and extensive assessment services, AENOR is also involved in ongoing innovation, developing schemes that respond to the new business requirements of Spanish companies. For this reason, AENOR certification is the most widespread and popular in Spain. AENOR's marks evidence that certification and constitute a differential factor in the market, improving the image of the products and services offered and giving customers and consumers confidence in them.

  Do you know the advantages of performing remote audits? We give you the key points

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In the face of difficult situations, it is essential to find feasible solutions. Streamlining auditing procedures and being able to continue carrying out our work in a way that verifies the implementation of management systems in optimal conditions of reliability, not only promotes confidence in the systems, but also in the quality and adequacy of the procedures.

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Diversity and Equality

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Risks and safety

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Compliance and good governance

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Energy efficiency

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Social responsibility

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Information technologies

Information technologies


Knowledge centre

Certification what, who, how, when, why and for whom 

How should SMEs approach the development of their Non-financial Statements?

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Learn about "Consumer concerns regarding animal welfare". Download the e-book.​

The AENOR challenge

Certification of management schemes... Commitment tool

The commitment from AENOR and all certified organisations goes beyond regular activity to improve human resource, environmental, social and economic management

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How to adapt to the new ISO 50001

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How to adapt to the new ISO 50001 The international standard on energy management, UNE-EN-ISO 50001, has just been updated. Among other new features, the new version is more business-focused, it covers risk-based thinking and it attaches greater importance to context analysis.

To help organisations with this process, here you can see how businesses who have already completed it faced the challenge.

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