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AENOR certificates - N mark
N Mark Certified Product

The AENOR Mark ​​ is the symbol of a product's quality and safety, backed by an independent third party

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Access to the European market

The marking is the passport that allows for products to be sold in the European Economic Area

The marking is also recognised in other international markets

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Certification and regulations

AENOR develops product certifications to support compliance with legal provisions, such as the CE mark

The is mark of quality recognised in regulations such as the CTE or the EHE-08

AENOR issues Compliance Certificates for legislation on lifts or electric energy generation installations using renewable sources

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International certifications

AENOR backs organisations in their internationalisation strategy, with its own marks and certificates and those of third parties, including CCA/NTR​, ENEC and ENEC+​​​​​, CB or ​<HAR>, for the electricity sector; and the Keymark mark for the construction sector

AENOR supports the industry in the acquisition of specific product marks to facilitate access to new markets​.

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Environmental product declarations

Manufacturers can communicate the verified environmental profile of their products with the Programme GlobalEPD of AENOR

Las GlobalEPD Declarations are compliant with the International Standard ISO 14025 for Environmental product declarations (EPD) and, in the case of construction products, with European Standard EN 15804​​​​​

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Installation services

The AENOR SI mark certifies the quality of the on-site installation process, for installation companies that want to highlight their work

The objective of the AENOR SI markis to demonstrate the professionalism and continual improvement of company staff

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