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Tender and contract courses

Tender and contract courses

Spain invests around 122,000 million euros per year in grants of all types, including those aimed at private companies and the Public Administration. No organisation wants to miss the opportunity to obtain subsidies, sign public contracts or receive aid from European funds. Success in obtaining funding lies not only in the project that is proposed but also in knowing how to properly manage the mechanisms involved in the correct presentation. The public tender courses offer the training necessary to identify calls for tenders, complete the procedures properly and obtain the expected results.  

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Licitaciones y contratos

Licitaciones y concursos públicos

N-02 Estrategia para la presentación a concursos públicos

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Training for public tenders

AENOR's public tender courses address the most relevant aspects of the procedures for obtaining grants, subsidies and public contracts at both the state and international levels. They are an essential tool for all professionals interested in successfully managing the bureaucratic aspects involved in the project bidding processes or in the search for financing.

AENOR's programme of public tender courses includes training in: international contracts, strategies for presenting public tenders, business opportunities with international tenders, European aid management and project formulation for grants in the field of Next Generation. 

The latter is a European initiative that opens up an interesting professional landscape. Companies that have mechanisms to certify their work can better position themselves in access to these grants, which is why the demand for professionals trained to manage these subsidies has been increasing. The market is expanding and, with it, the demands for specific knowledge in the planning and development of tendering projects, two of the key tools in these AENOR courses.

This training is aimed at very diverse professional profiles. From technicians and consultants interested in negotiating international operations, project "sales techniques" or participation in public tenders of different categories, to private companies and public administrations with an interest in the economic recovery programmes proposed by the EU within the framework of the Next Generation.

Training can be done in person or in Live Training mode (streaming). This is one of the facilities we offer at AENOR to guarantee the best remote training. Live classes through an innovative remote training platform that allows students' doubts to be answered and discussed on the Virtual Campus.