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Business Transformation

Project Trust AENOR

Consultancy specialised in ESG

At AENOR, we work on transformation and improvement projects in an integrated way with organisations, promoting them as leading entities in the ESG fields to:

  • Integrate the priority aspects of stakeholders into the business strategy, thus responding to the expectations of employees, customers, suppliers and society
  • Help organisations to be recognised by all stakeholders and obtain the necessary competitive advantage to ensure their sustainability
  • Make the difference in investor decision-making
  • Increase internal motivation and attract new talent







AENOR Conocimiento as business consultants

The business transformation consultancy activities provided by AENOR Conocimiento are compatible in terms of complying with the requirements of the ISO 17020, 17021, 17025, 17029 and 17065 standards with the development of the compliance assessment carried out by AENOR Confía. As required by these standards, our business consultancy services are provided by applying control measures in order to guarantee impartiality at all times.