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Why are professionals with training in Occupational Health and Safety necessary?

Why are professionals with training in Occupational Health and Safety necessary?


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According to the International Labour Organization, more than 2.7 million people died in 2020 due to work-related accidents or illnesses. The work-related accident rate remains one of the greatest challenges to good business management practices, and courses in occupational health and safety are the most efficient way to deal with it. At AENOR, we train professionals on health and safety in those areas of activity where these individuals are most in demand, and we help to implement the most up-to-date management systems in order to achieve safe and efficient work environments.

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Seguridad y salud en el trabajo

Seguridad en Instalaciones

Gestión de emergencias

Formación de auditores

P-03 Auditor/a líder ISO 45001

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

P-08 Auditor/a interno/a ISO 45001

  Live Training   On-site   Online  In Company

Sistemas de gestión y auditorías

P-07 Intensivo ISO 45001

  Live Training   On-site   Online  In Company

P-82 Transición a la Norma ISO 45001

  Live Training   On-site   Online  In Company

Seguridad y Salud en el trabajo

Empresa saludable

P-28 El sistema de gestión de organización saludable SIGOS

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

Seguridad Vial

P-30 Sistema de Gestión de la Seguridad Vial ISO 39001

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

Seguridad del paciente

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Occupational safety training

The training activities we offer at AENOR in the field of Occupational Health and Safety are characterised by their broad scope of application. With our occupational safety and risk prevention courses, we want to offer organisations and professionals the resources they need to implement safety plans in every sector of business and industry.

Our range of safety courses is aimed at professionals with direct responsibility for occupational health and safety management (HR, maintenance, quality, production, etc.), as well as agencies related to emergencies and public safety, internal or external auditors, and those responsible for operational control activities. In view of the different specialisation levels of these OSH courses, some of them require some knowledge of certain certification standards, such as ISO 45001 or ISO 45005.

Apart from the specific training for internal and external auditors on ISO 45001 and healthy organisation management systems, our training programme also offers the option to specialise in more specific areas through courses in industrial safety, road safety (ISO 39001) and fire safety (UNE 12845 and 23500), LOTO systems, accident investigation and emergency management protocols.

Regardless of the content and degree of specialisation, AENOR's occupational health and safety training can be done in person or remotely. The Live Training alternative lets us provide live classes through a Virtual Campus so that participants can take part in remote sessions featuring the latest information.