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ISO 14006 certification for ecodesign management

ISO 14006 certification for ecodesign management

ISO 14006 certification for ecodesign management

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sustainable management begins with the design process

The purpose of ecodesign is to identify during the planning stage how each of the phases of a product or service life cycle will impact on the environment in order to try to reduce said impact to a minimum without compromising the quality and application of the product or service.

The AENOR Ecodesign certificate accredits that the organisation has adopted a management system to identify, monitor and constantly improve its products' and/or services' environmental aspects, providing information to its clients on products that have incorporated environmental improvements in their design, in accordance with the standard UNE-EN-ISO 14006​.

Internal benefits for your organisation:

  • It is a guarantee that the organisation complies with the environmental legislation that applies to it, including the legal environmental requirements referring to its products and/or services.
  • It is a guarantee that the organisation manages the design and development of its products and/or services in such a way that they continue to improve as regards their impact on the environment.
  • Cost reductions (consumption of materials, improvements to containers and packaging, etc.)

Benefits for your clients:

  • Product innovation leading to differentiation within the relevant market.
  • Responding to clients' needs and expectations. For example, in bidding for tenders.
  • Improving the image of the product and of the organisation itself.

Ecodesign certification is applicable to all sectors where products and/or services are designed or redesigned. The sectors that might be most interested in this certification at present are those affected by the European Union's Integrated Product Policy, or those that participate in public tenders and must respond to the environmental considerations included in contract clauses or market requirements. Examples of such sectors include those that manufacture products that use energy, the automotive, chemical, furniture and construction industries and architectural studies, etc.

Ecodesign management systems can be audited together with quality management systems UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and/or environmental management UNE-EN-ISO 14001, as UNE-EN ISO 14006​​ is associated with the same.

The experience obtained by companies within the sector that have already been certified under either the UNE-EN ISO standard 9001 or the UNE-EN ISO standard 14001 is of great interest with respect to this new certification so that verification of ecodesign requirements can be included as part of the audits performed to monitor and renew said standards in order to reduce audit times and costs.

Once the certification process has been passed, if the system implemented meets the requirements of Standard UNE-EN ISO 14006, your organization shall obtain:

  • The AENOR Ecodesign Management Certificate.
  • The license to use the AENOR Ecodesign.brand.

In addition, organizations manufacturing eco-designed products can accompany their certificate with:

  • An Annex of Eco-designed Products
  • An Eco-designed Product Statement

AENOR Ecodesign Mark UNE-EN ISO 14006

AENOR Mark Ecodesign UNE-EN ISO 14006​​ 

Since 2011 AENOR has been providing is certification services under this standard and has issued over 100 Ecodesign certificates. AENOR is the leading authority for these certifications and has become the technical benchmark in both Spain and the international arena.

Course: Ecodesign and the Circular Economy. The standard ISO 14006

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