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Automotive sector - Certifications

Automotive sector - Certifications

Quality, safety and environmental protection for the automotive industry

The automotive industry was one of the first to apply quality standards and continues to lead the way in this area via its commitment to ongoing improvement. AENOR has been working in the automobile sector since1997 with more than 800certificates issued, with customers in its portfolio including the Antolin Group, Ficosa, Arcelormittal España, and the Maier Group, among others.

All companies that manufacture parts for the automotive industry, assembly plants, repair workshops, bodywork companies, car, lorry and motorbike dealers, tachograph technical centres, manufacturers of equipment for road safety signs and motorcyclist protection systems and many of their components are subject to certification. They have an ally in AENOR as it will contribute to the improvement of their competitiveness through the application of conformity assessment activities.

AENOR has the accreditation of the IATF (International​ Automotive Task Force).​


Specific certifications for the automotive and automotive components industry

Generic certifications most frequently used in the automotive and automotive components industry

Car odometer


Car refuelling


Green grass car drawing

Energy management

Person cleaning car seats

Social Responsibility

Gear stick of a car

Good Governance and Compliance

GPS view inside a car


Person wearing a hard hat at work



High-speed lorry on road

​​​​​May 2017 - No. 326

UNE 66102 for tachographs supports the legislation

​​Royal Decree 125/2017 sets forth the requirements that tachograph centres must observe. One such requirement is that, in order to receive authorisation, procedures must be certifed under the new Standard UNE 66102 which provides the management system requirements needed to perform technical work or provide services (including those pertaining to infrastructure, calibration and competition).


Person driving

​​​December 2016 - No. 321​

Key to the new IATF 16949 standard

​​In October the new international standard for Quality Management Systems for the automotive industry was published. Called IATF 16949​, it overrides and replaces the benchmark ISO/TS 16949.


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