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All of AENOR's services and departments are providing the same level of customer care with digital services running normally.

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ISO 22316 for organisational resilience

The Standard ISO 22316:2017 provides guidelines to encourage resilience in different organisations in the event of difficult or unexpected situations.
Not all organisations possess the same capacity for resilience, due to their specific individual characteristics. This standard responds to this idea by not applying a uniform set of criteria.

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New standard for mobile cranes

The UNE 192002-2:2020 Establishes the procedures for inspections and tests required for the safety of self-propelled mobile cranes dedicated to the lifting and distribution of materials or loads.
This standard is intended to serve as a common guide for carrying out these inspections, regardless of each manufacturer's guidelines.

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Work opportunities

AENOR's services grow, responding to its aspiration to help organisations in new fields become more competitive. We offer you the opportunity of growing with us, contributing value that is highly prized by companies and society in general.

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 Magazine of 

It is the best source of information on conformity assessment in Spanish. This includes reports, interviews and opinion columns where experts in quality, sustainability, innovation and safety share their visions on the benefits of services provided by compliance evaluation. There is a print edition and another, free online edition.

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