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What is Certool?

Certool is the family of software solutions designed by AENOR to make it easy for organisations to efficiently manage their processes and systems. It is inspired by the high-level structure defined by ISO and based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Confirm-Act) management cycle.

The software is provided by AENOR under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Our Certool Cloud service ensures high availability, security and automatic updates.

The essential tool to achieve the effective digital transformation of the management processes and systems of organisations.


You have lots of reasons to use CERTOOL


Why do you need Certool?

6 reasons to use Certool

Certool premium

It simplifies decision-making with comprehensive and useful information.

Certool premium

It saves time and lowers system administration costs.

Certool premium

It increases productivity by automating workflows.

Certool premium

Always available from any location or device.

Certool premium

Manage multiple organisations from a single platform.

Certool premium

Always have the latest version of this constantly-evolving software.

Find your Certool…

Certool Pyme
Certool Pyme

A simple solution, but with the necessary functions for the effective management of systems in small organisations.

Certool Pyme

Certool Compact

​The solution that includes essential systems management functions.

Get acquainted with Certool Compact

Certool Premium

The global solution that includes all the necessary functions for managing systems.

Discover Certool Premium