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Course on sustainable cities

Course on sustainable cities

Accessibility, sustainability and well-being are the three pillars on which Smart Cities are built. Cities such as London, Singapore and Hong Kong are leading the list of this new concept of smart cities capable of improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. Nevertheless, the simple truth is that they are a global challenge with a big future resulting in the generation of new professional profiles. Training as a Smart Cities manager aims to respond to the growing demand for consultants with the ability to plan and manage innovative projects aimed at improving the sustainability of a territory from multiple perspectives. 

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Ciudades Sostenibles

Titulaciones Propias AENOR

Titulación Propia M-SC Gestor/a de Smart Cities

  Live Training  In Company

Smart Cities

M-90 Smart City-La transformación de las ciudades

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

M-91 Gobernanza y proyectos en una Smart City

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

M-92 Sostenibilidad ambiental en una Smart City

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

M-93 Bienestar económico y social en una Smart City

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

M-94 Urbanismo, movilidad y accesibilidad en una Smart City

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

Number of results 6


Sustainable cities training

At AENOR we have designed a training programme that covers all the aspects involved in the design and management of smart cities. The Smart Cities Manager programme is an independent qualification consisting of five courses that can be carried out separately.

The full training as a sustainable cities consultant is based on these five modules: transformation of cities, governance and projects, environmental sustainability, economic-social welfare and urban planning, mobility and accessibility. Separate training can also be carried out for management of smart tourist destinations, aimed at much more specific objectives in the field of smart cities and the planning of their tourism activity in accordance with ISO 178501.

The AENOR sustainable cities programme covers the concepts that underpin smart cities, such as sustainability, innovation, governance, the urban economy and the relationship with citizens, allowing participants to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to develop and manage a smart city project.

AENOR's training offer in sustainable and smart cities is as current and innovative as the concept itself. During these courses, future Smart Cities managers acquire skills that are constantly developing and that are based on continuous improvement. The content of the courses also evolves with the environment to keep as up-to-date as possible.

The Live Training modality of these sustainable cities courses is very much in the line with accessibility and innovation. It is a type of training based on live remote classes during which students and teachers can interact on a Virtual Campus by using new technologies.