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Courses on quality and safety in the chemical industry

Courses on quality and safety in the chemical industry

The Spanish chemical industry is a prolific sector that generates almost 210,000 direct jobs and more than 502,100 indirect jobs. Around 3,000 companies lead this constantly developing sector, accounting for around 5.5% of GDP and 3.7% of national employment. Due to their cross-cutting nature and their involvement in countless business areas, chemical industrial safety courses offer an interesting job opportunity with an attractive career prospect. 

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Calidad y seguridad de productos químicos, sanitarios y cosméticos

Calidad y seguridad en la industria química

Q-76 Técnico en Productos Sanitarios

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

Q-91 Buenas prácticas de fabricación de medicamentos (GMP)

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

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Training in the chemical industry

Through AENOR's chemical industry courses it is possible to acquire the practical and theoretical training necessary to develop a professional career in the sector: product classification, implementation of management systems, applicable legislation, measurement and analysis, waste, storage and transport, among other useful tools.

These are chemical industry safety courses that encompass both aspects linked to a more general view of the sector, such as management systems and quality in the production process, as well as more specific issues, for example those related to best practices in certain industries such as medical or cosmetics.

This wide range of training courses on safety in the chemical industry includes: IFS protocol in the chemical industry, ISO 13485 and good manufacturing practices (GMP) for cosmetic products (ISO 22716) and medicines. These qualifications are among the most demanding requirements to make it in an increasingly competitive and demanding sector.

AENOR's industrial chemical courses have been designed to adapt to the needs of each profile. From the alternatives most focused on technical personnel in the quality departments to specialised consultancy or management and production managers. The objective is for future professionals in the sector to have all the tools necessary at their disposal for the correct development of their activity with theoretical and practical knowledge that is always up-to-date.

All quality and safety courses in the chemical industry have a Live Training version (live virtual classes), with different timetables and meeting dates for both types. These chemical industry courses are characterised by their short duration and significant practical content provided by experts who know have first-hand knowledge of the current market situation.