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Safety certificates

Safety certificates

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Occupational risk prevention certification

Organisations committed to risk management are aware that the implementation of regulations enables them to perform this task more effectively, maximising opportunities and minimising losses.

Managing different risks must include strategies and management plans as essential factors for organisations to be successful. AENOR offers you certification services based on the most demanding standards, legal regulations and references in the fields of occupational health and safety, safety of products and installations, information security, food safety, and safety in the supply chain.


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  • UNE 179003 ​ Risk management for Patient safety
  • UNE 179006 Surveillance, prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections
  • UNE 179011 Remote Health Consultation Quality


September 2023 - Nº 394

Successfully managing psychosocial risks

The AENOR certification on managing psychosocial risks makes it easier for organizations to identify this type of risk, which may affect workers.


September 2023 - Nº 394

New version of IFS Food: even more confidence and food safety

The audits of version 8 of IFS Food can be done voluntarily from 1 October 2023, and will be mandatory for all certified companies from 1 January 2024.


November 2023 No 396

Do you want to know which food products consumers like most?

To get the new Consumer's Choice Product certification, food products undergo blind tasting with a panel of 80 consumers.


July-August 2022 Nº 382

A risk management system helps to reduce uncertainty

For the director of Indra's Global Risk Department, the key to successfully implementing a risk management model throughout the organization is to coordinate three fundamental pillars: the operational management of the management team and the staff.


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