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Corporate Compliance and good governance

Corporate Compliance and good governance

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Compliance, transparency, integrity and good governance ​

Ante la cada vez más prolífica y exigente legislación nacional e internacional en muy diferentes ámbitos (regulatorios, blanqueo de capitales, corrupción, criminal, etc.), los sistemas de compliance surgen como mecanismos de autorregulación cada vez más necesarios para evitar riesgos de incumplimientos normativos, operativos y reputacionales.

The certification of criminal compliance and anti-bribery systems are relevant elements to consider to prove due diligence, the prevention of illegal acts and the efficient implementation and improvement of a management system. Among other things, this system must ensure and provide evidence to management, administrators, legal authorities, shareholders, investors, customers and other stakeholders, that the organisation has taken reasonable measures to prevent any offences, corruption or bribery, thus reducing criminal risk exposure.

To do this, the certification of compliance management systems must be awarded from a perspective of strictness, independence and sufficient competence for it to be a useful tool for all stakeholders. Since 2014, AENOR, a pioneer in this field, has certified penal compliance and anti-bribery systems to national and international companies, and offers advanced and recognised solutions that compile the best international practices, such as ISO 37001 certification, to prevent bribery, or Standard UNE 19601 on criminal compliance management systems.


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Corporate Compliance

Compliance, standard, requirement, regularisation, transparency
Other certifications associated with good governance


UNE-ISO 37301

May 2021 - No. 368

UNE-ISO 37301, a new compliance solution

The new AENOR Compliance Management System certification, based on the UNE-ISO 37301 Standard, which will be published in the next few days by the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, joins the solutions already found on the Trusted Platform: "Scaling corporate values"


January 2021 - No. 365

Good governance, a value that is becoming increasingly important in organisations

The Trusted Platform: "Scaling corporate values" offers solutions that support best practices in one of the values that society demands from organisations: good governance.


​​​​​May 2020 - No. 358

Keys to implementing a tax compliance management system

AENOR Tax Compliance certification helps companies to implement a management system that facilitates the identification, prevention and detection of tax risks in order to avoid additional settlements and penalties and prevent offences being committed against the Public Treasury, and, in the event that any of these situations do arise, to create control and mitigation mechanisms.


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