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Corporate Compliance and Good Governance Certification

Corporate Compliance and Good Governance Certification

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Good Corporate Governance, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​compliance, transparency and integrity

Faced with the increasingly prolific and demanding national and international legislation across different fields (regulatory, money laundering, corruption, criminal, etc.), compliance systems are emerging as increasingly necessary self-regulation mechanisms to avoid the risk of regulatory, operative or reputational non-compliance.

The certification of criminal compliance and anti-bribery systems are relevant elements to consider in order to prove due diligence, the prevention of illegal acts and the efficient implementation and improvement of a management system. Among other things, this system must ensure and provide evidence to management, administrators, legal authorities, shareholders, investors, customers and other stakeholders, that the organization has taken reasonable measures to prevent any offences, corruption or bribery, thus reducing criminal risk exposure.

To do this, the certification must be awarded from a perspective of strictness, independence and sufficient competence for it to be a useful tool for all stakeholders. Since 2014, AENOR, a pioneer in this field, has certified the criminal compliance and anti-bribery systems of national and international companies, offering advanced and recognized solutions that reflect the best international practices, such as certification of ISO 37001 on bribery prevention or standard UNE 19601 , on criminal compliance management.

On 28 April 2023, the validity period for the certificates of Criminal Compliance issued without accreditation in accordance with UNE 19601 finishes. In order for these certificates to remain in force, they must be adapted to the new accreditation conditions. At AENOR we work with and are in contact with our customers to plan and carry out the necessary assessments in time, in order to ensure that their certificates are adapted to the needs required by the accreditation and do not lose their validity.

Benefits of Certification in Compliance and Good Governance

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Corporate Compliance

Good Governance

  • Good Corporate Governance Index (GCGI)

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July-August 2022 - Nº 382

Certification accredited for Criminal Compliance

AENOR has been accredited by ENAC to issue certifications as per the UNE 19601 standard on Criminal Compliance, which reflects the work it has been doing since 2017 and which translates into 180 certified organizations.


April 2022 - No. 379

Human rights and social relations in the Non-Financial Information Statement

Information regarding human rights and social relations are two very important aspects that organisations must report in their Non-Financial Information Statement.


​ February 2022 - No. 377

Non-financial information statement

The Statement of Non-Financial Information that organisations must prepare to comply with Law 11/2018 must include information relating to staff.


​February 2022 - No. 377

First certification in Corporate Governance

With this AENOR certification, companies can demonstrate their good performance in this area through the objective measurement of nine factors.


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