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New ISO 50001

Standard ISO 50001: the most used energy performance management standard in the world

ISO has just updated Standard ISO 50001 to adapt to the new needs of the energy market and facilitate its integration with other management system standards.

What are the main changes?

  • It incorporates the High-Level structure of standards for management systems.
  • Risk-based approach.
  • A clearer energy review.
  • Standardisation of energy performance indicators.
  • Clarification in planning when collecting data and the corresponding requirements.
  • The standard can be extended to the three main energy sectors: industrial, tertiary and transportation.

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Standard ISO 50001:2018 establishes the requirements needed to implement the energy management system.

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ISO 50001, certification that ensures continual and systematic improvements of energy performance in organisations.

Learn about the "ISO 50001 implementation case studies"

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Do you want to find out more about ISO 50001?

If you are interested in attending in the next meeting for ISO 50001, register here. If you want to know more, register for our courses. Furthermore, this video explains the main new features, and the infographic details the main benefits.


ISO 50001

How to adapt to the new ISO 50001

The international standard on energy management, UNE-EN-ISO 50001, has just been updated. Among other new features, the new version is more business-focused, it covers risk-based thinking and it attaches greater importance to context analysis.


ISO 50001 implementation case studies
Certification for Classified Energy Service Providers
ISO 50001 in figures infographic
ISO 50001