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Quality certification

Quality certification

The strongest ally to improve a company's ability to compete

Quality is a strategic factor in order to be able to access markets in all geographic and industrial areas. ISO 9001 is the model on which hundreds of thousands of organisations throughout the world base their quality management systems.

Certification by an accredited entity with highly qualified technical personnel, such as AENOR, adds more value to a company's ability to compete than adopting the ISO model alone 9001 already provided with its requirements.

A consequence and proof of the success of the ISO model 9001 as a global benchmark, it is the adaptation that has been made to specific sectors: automotive, railways, aerospace, health products, medical transport, information technology services, etc. These industries have their own certifiable standards for quality management systems that have a specific approach and additional requirements to ISO9001.


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Quality that can be applied to all industries

Doctor holding a stethoscope
Quality in ​​​​Healthcare and Social Services

Group of workers from different sectors
Quality of Service

Quality in Industry

Multi-coloured drawing of a city
Quality in smart cities

Digital screen with numbers to enter a password
Quality in Information technologies

Management Systems for Educational Organisations (MSEO)
Quality in Education


May 2021 - No.​369

Four steps for successfully integrating management systems

The integration of management systems offers strategic, organisational, operational and economic benefits.

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Quality ISO 21001

July 2020 - No. 359

ISO 21001, management tool in the education sector

The education sector was one of the first to be affected by the health crisis caused by COVID-19, which resulted in the closure of its institutions. Correct management is always fundamental, but even more so in exceptional circumstances.

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Three hundred and sixty degrees

​​​​​April 2018 - No. 307

Successfully integrating management systems

Integrating management systems offers major advantages, including optimising and reducing the resources and time used to manage a system, simplifying and decreasing the quantity of documentation, and generating more efficient management of an organisation's processes.

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Exclusively for our customers

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AENOR a tu ritmo

AENOR presents the AENOR A TU RITMO platform.

Guide to the application of Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 on construction companies.
Download the guide.

Structure of a bridge, construction companies  


Software for efficient systems management.