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Quality certifications

Quality certifications

Quality in companies: The best ally of competitiveness

Quality certification of a business is a strategic factor in order to be able to access markets in all geographic and industrial areas. ISO 9001 is the reference model for the quality management systems of hundreds of thousands of organizations all over the world.

Certification by an accredited entity with highly qualified technical personnel, such as AENOR, adds more value to a company's ability to compete. The adoption of the ISO 9001 model already provides this value with its requirements.

Proof of the success of ISO 9001 as a global benchmark is the adaptation it has undergone in specific sectors: automotive industry, railway, aerospace, medical products, healthcare transport, information technology services, etc. Industries that have their own certifiable standards for quality management systems that have a specific approach and additional requirements to ISO 9001.


Quality in companies: The best ally of competitiveness

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Quality that can be applied to all industries

Doctor holding a stethoscope

Quality in ​​​​Healthcare and Social Services

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Quality of Service


Quality in Industry

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Quality in smart cities

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Quality in Information technologies

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Banking and financial services quality

Management Systems for Educational Organisations (MSEO)

Quality in Education


Febrero 2024 - Nº 399
FCC Construcción, international deployment UNE-ISO 44001
After becoming pioneers by having AENOR certify their collaborative work relationship management system in accordance with the UNE-ISO 44001 Standard, FCC Construcción is continuing to roll out this certificate in three countries: Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom


​​​​​​​September 2022 - No. 383

Keys to getting started in management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

This article is part of a series that aims to analyse various aspects necessary for SMEs and micro-SMEs that want to implement management systems as part of their business strategy.


July-August 2022 - Nº​ 382

How to place the customer at the centre

The Trusted Platform: "Managing services with quality" includes solutions that help organizations to offer their customers products or services that go beyond meeting their needs.

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