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Environmental industry sector - Certifications

Environmental industry sector - Certifications

Environmental industry CO2

Environmental industry certification

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Due to their nature and the importance of the resources they handle, industries involved in managing water supplies and waste have always been aware that they must perform their activities responsibly

From the very start, these activities have been performed under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or ISO 45001 management systems in order to offer assurance that they are being carried out in-line with the parameters expected by the entities that engage the related services or by society in general. 

However, for various reasons, such as their involvement in climate change or their decisive role in the new paradigm and commitments that have been defined for the circular economy, these sectors have started to ask for specialised certifications, such as carbon footprint or water footprint verification, energy efficiency, end-of-waste status or zero-waste certification.   

In the same regard, technology providers for these sectors need certifications for the equipment they provide, in order to help the sector to conform to expectations and ensure compliance.


Specific certifications for the Environmental Industry

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Climate Change

An arrow showing the infinity sign with two globes on either side.

Circular Economy

Generic certifications most frequently implemented in the Environmental Industry

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A hand holding a plaque with the environment symbol, three green arrows in a triangle.


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Circular economy in the environmental industry

​November 2017 - No. 331

Spain and the Circular Economy challenge

​​Within a context in which raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, it is necessary to replace the linear "extract-manufacture-consume-discard" model with another model based on the sustainable use of resources and environmental protection.

See report

World map made of pieces of a watch mechanism.

​November 2017 - No. 331

Standards for the circular model

Certifications in fields such as ecodesign, those associated with analysing life cycles such as Environmental product, water footprint and zero waste declarations are supporting...

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