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risk management

Turn risk into opportunity, thanks to AENOR

The context surrounding organisations is increasingly complex and the demands of the stakeholder groups are increasingly greater: quality of products and services, environmental protection, risks of an operational, financial, and regulatory nature, cost control, social responsibility, good governance, crime prevention and the health and safety of the employees, among others.

The global management of different risks must be part of strategy and management plans, representing essential factors for organisations to be successful. 

Standards, Training and Certification provide an overview of all the risk-related services and products offered by AENOR: 

UNE-ISO 31000 Risk Management Solutions



  • Guide for the application of UNE-ISO 31000:2018


The new Risk Management certification according to UNE-ISO 31000 acknowledges organisations that have implemented a risk model in accordance with this new version of the already certifiable standard. It focuses mainly on corporate risk and facilitates progress in the management of other more specific types of risk such as operational, legal, financial and strategic risk.

Before 2020,

How do you certify yourself?

Business Continuity Management Solutions

  • UNE-EN ISO 22301: 2015 Citizen protection and security. Business Continuity Management System. Specifications
  • UNE-EN ISO 22313: 2015 Citizen protection and security. Business Continuity Management System. Guidelines   


The AENOR certification in accordance with the standard UNE-EN ISO 22301:2015 enables a company to cope with and overcome – in the best possible way – situations of uncertainty, crises and changes inherent to the current business environment. It includes the launch and implementation of controls and measures to manage the general risks faced by a company's business continuity, taking into account its resilience.

How do you certify yourself?

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Emergency Management Solutions

  • UNE-ISO 22320: 2013 Citizen protection and security. Emergency management. Requirements for the response to incidents


UNE-ISO 22320: 2013 sets forth the best global practices for establishing order and organisational control of structures and procedures, decision-making, traceability and information management, and coordination in order to be able to respond effectively to any emergency situation.

How do you certify yourself?

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Safety management as a strategy

Organisations committed to risk management are aware that implementing standards gives them the ability to manage processes more efficiently, maximising opportunities and minimising losses.

AENOR offers its certification services based on the strictest standards, regulations and legal references, in the areas of occupational health and safety, the safety of products and installations, information security, food safety, safety in the supply chain, and more.

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    Risk management software solutions

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Certool is the set of software solutions designed by AENOR for the effective management of ISO systems

As a new feature, we have just renewed the Risk Module, which allows us to fully automate the risk management process and represent maps in visual and interactive graphics

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UNE-ISO 31000
Global risk management with UNE-ISO 31000

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