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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This privacy policy establishes the basis that the AENOR Group will rely on to process any personal information we may obtain, respecting at all times the principles of legality, loyalty and transparency, as well as the other obligations and guarantees established in the current regulations on personal data protection.


This Policy applies to all the companies of the AENOR Group (hereinafter AENOR), you can click HERE to learn the identity and contact details of the Group's different companies.

If you wish to receive detailed information on the processing of your data by any of the AENOR entities, you can send an email to


AENOR processes personal data to manage contractual relationships, perform organisational services and activities and to offer interested parties and customers information on activities, products and services related to AENOR.

Depending on your relationship with us, we process the information you provide to us for the following purposes:


  •  Manage the information you request through the different contact forms on our website.
  •  Answer any questions you ask through the different contact forms on our website.
  •  FPresent offers for our services and/or products, if authorized.


  •  Manage the potential commercial and/or professional relationship.
  •  Manage the sending of the information requested.
  •  Answer any questions you may have.
  • Present offers for our services and/or products, if authorized.


  •  Provide the service (conformity assessment / inspection / consultancy / IT / training / laboratory / licence (e.g. Certool) / platform subscription, for example, AENORmás) or deliver the purchased product (sale of standards/books).
  •  Maintain and manage the contractual relationship with you.
  •  Present offers for our services and/or products, unless you object.
  • Administer satisfaction surveys.


  •  Manage the commercial and/or professional relationship.
  • Assess compliance with applicable regulations.


  •  Manage the personnel selection process.
  • Candidates who pass the initial stages of the selection process may be called upon to take a competence assessment, after which a competence profile will be created and stored for current or future selection processes compatible with the candidate.


  •  RCarry out the qualification process in the corresponding conformity assessment scheme.


  •  Take part in sensory studies (tests) in order to try different products already on the market or to be launched in the near future, including food, cosmetics and chemical and pharmaceutical products.
  •  You can access the Laboratory Privacy Policy: HERE.


  • Manage the registration for the seminar/event, as well as their attendance, to send commercial offers from the AENOR Group (if authorized). Capture images for informative and outreach purposes.


  • Manage complaints made through the internal reporting system or any alternative channel, in order to conduct the relevant investigations.
  • Our digital whistleblowing channel is available HERE. This website contains additional information on the channel and the processing of personal data.


Name, surname, email, phone number, IP address, entity to which they belong, post or position held, if applicable.


Name, surname, email, phone number, entity to which they belong, post or position held.


Name, surname, email, phone number, DNI or similar document, financial details. If they belong to a company, entity to which they belong, post or position held.

In the case of a conformity assessment provided to entities (legal persons), the data processed will be of the personnel interviewed of the audited entity, as well as of that which may appear in the documentation shown as part of the audit.


Name, surname, email, phone number, signature, professional address, financial details.


Name, surname, email, phone, academic training, professional experience. If a candidate advances in the selection process, the competency profile resulting from the assessment test performed will be processed.


Name, surname, email, phone number, training, professional experience, entity to which they belong, post or position held (if applicable), information resulting from the qualification process.


At the time of registration

  •  Name, surname, date of birth, gender, email, phone number, city/town, province, IP address.

At the time of registration

  •   DNI, existence of minors.

At the time of registration

  •  In addition to the above: Postal address, preferences/tastes/behaviours in relation to the products being studied, as well as any information that the tester may include that is considered personal.
Involvement of minors

  •   The data of minors is provided by the holders of parental authority or guardianship, after AENOR sends them the corresponding questionnaire: age, sex, frequency of consumption of the corresponding product.


Name, surname, email, phone number, entity to which they belong, post or position held, city/town.

When attending activities and events organized by AENOR, the data subject may be photographed or recorded on video. Said photographs and videos are used by AENOR to report on these events, and have no commercial purposes whatsoever.


Complaints are upheld on the basis of anonymity, so the reporter/whistleblower will voluntarily decide to identify themselves. If they identify themselves, the data they provide us, such as name, surname, phone number and/or email address, may be processed.

In the case of persons reported, their data will be processed confidentially.

The requested data are appropriate, relevant and strictly necessary, and the other Party is not obliged to provide it under any circumstances, but failure to provide it may affect the purpose of the service or make it impossible to render it.

In compliance with the principle of limiting the storage period, data collected will be processed solely and exclusively for the necessary time and for the purposes for which it was collected. Data storage will be deemed justified when: 

  • A legal and/or administrative standard requires that the data be stored for a specific period.
  • It is necessary to satisfy the contractual relationship.
  • The data will be used for archival and/or statistical purposes.
  • It could cause damage to the legitimate interests of the data holder or third parties.
  • It is necessary to guarantee the traceability and tracking of a client's certificate.
  • The storage period is specifically defined in the certification scheme subject to audit.
  • Due to the scheme, regulatory and legal compliance aspects are audited, with the storage period being specified in the reference legislation.
  • It is necessary to certify AENOR's compliance with the requirements of UNE EN-ISO 17021-1, which are applicable to organisations that audit and certify management systems.
  • The data and documentation serve as a supporting document for an activity or service rendered, during the limitation periods of civil, criminal, administrative or other actions that may arise from the activity or service provided. In this case, AENOR will keep the data blocked until the storage deadline expires.
  • A longer storage period has been agreed upon by the interested parties.

AENOR will only exchange personal data with trusted third parties for any of the purposes set forth in the Privacy Policy in order to maintain and perform the contractual relationship. 

Similarly, it may disclose data to the SPANISH ASSOCIATION FOR STANDARDIZATION (UNE) and to other companies in the Group, as well as under the circumstances legally required to comply with any applicable regulations, under the terms set out below:

a) Needed to provide the service

AENOR may occasionally use trusted service providers, who may have access to personal data to provide the services engaged. In those cases, it will have entered into the relevant data processing contract, pursuant to Article 28 of the GDPR.

Personal data may also to communicated to banks as necessary in order to provide, invoice and collect payment for services.

b) Communication of data between AENOR Group companies and the SPANISH ASSOCIATION FOR STANDARDIZATION (UNE):

Communications between group companies for technical and/or administrative purposes, such as access to technological tools/systems used to provide the service, which will be based on AENOR's legitimate interest, as well as for sending commercial communications.

c) Compliance with a legal obligation

AENOR may also communicate your personal information to third parties that have been duly authorised by law in order to comply with legislation or at the request of an administrative or judicial authority.

A Customer's personal data will only be shared with third parties if the data subject has been notified and given their express consent to share said information.

AENOR, as a general rule, avoids international data transfers (outside the European Union or the European Economic Area); however, in cases where it is necessary to make an international data transfer, this will be communicated to the data subject, after AENOR makes the corresponding verification of adequate guarantees, in accordance with the applicable legal requirements, to ensure that the data is properly protected (e.g. existence of an adequacy decision, use of standard contractual clauses, etc.).

Data subjects are entitled to the following data protection rights:


  • Enables the data owner to obtain confirmation of whether or not AENOR is processing personal data that concerns them and, if it is, to obtain a copy of the personal data being processed.


  • Lets data owners correct errors andand amend data if it is inaccurate or incomplete.


  • This means that data can be deleted and no longer processed by AENOR, unless there is a legal obligation to retain it and/or other legitimate reasons for AENOR to process it. For example, if personal data is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected, the customer may request that we delete this data without undue delay..


  • Under the conditions established by law, this allows data processing to be halted in such a way that it cannot be processed in the future by AENOR, which will only keep it for the exercise or defence of claims.


  • In certain circumstances data subjects may object, on grounds related to their particular situation, to processing of their personal data. Thereafter, AENOR will no longer process data, unless required to do so for overriding legal reasons or to file or defend potential claims. Similarly, the interested party is entitled not to be subject to decisions based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which has legal effects on the subject or similar significant effects thereon.


  •  This enables the data subject to receive their personal data in a structured, commonly-used, machine-readable format and to send it directly to another data controller.

The holders of the personal data received may exercise their personal data protection rights by sending an email to, in cases where there are reasonable doubts about the identity, additional information may be requested to prove it.

Data subjects may also send a written notice to the address of the corresponding AENOR company. You can click HERE to learn the identity and contact details of the AENOR's different entities.

Forms, templates and more information on your rights are available on the website of the national control authority, the Spanish Data Protection Agency, hereinafter AEPD,

You have the option and right to withdraw consent for any specific purpose granted at the time, without affecting the legality of the processing based on the consent prior to its withdrawal.

If any data subject believes that their data is not processed correctly by AENOR, they may email their claims to or the relevant data protection authority.

The supervisory authorities of the European countries where AENOR operates are:

Spain ➜ Agencia Española de Protección de Datos [Spanish Data Protection Authority]

Italy ➜ Garante per la protezione dei dati personali

Portugal ➜ Comissão Nacional de Potecção de Dados

In order to ensure the security of your personal data, we inform you that AENOR has taken all the technical and organizational measures needed to guarantee the security of the personal data provided. The goal of this is to avoid its alteration, loss, and/or unauthorized processing or access, as required by law, although absolute security does not exist.

In order for us to keep your personal data up to date, it is important that you notify us of any changes to said data.

AENOR informs you that your data will be processed with the utmost zeal and confidentiality by all the staff involved in any phase of the processing. We will not transfer or disclose your data to any third party, except as authorized by law, or unless the Data Subject has expressly authorized us to do so.