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Why do a course in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development?

Why do a course in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development?


Corporate Social Responsibility has become one of the key trends in today's business landscape. A commitment to people, society and the environment translates into concrete actions that seek to benefit all the parties involved. Many organisations have already incorporated Social Responsibility into their management, or are in the process of doing so, as a way of adding value to the company.

This situation requires the members of teams that manage Social Responsibility to have thorough training in this subject, and an ability to manage all related fields, from the initial approach to strategy to the management of specific economic, social and environmental aspects.

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Sostenibilidad y Responsabilidad Social


Titulaciones Propias AENOR

Titulación Propia RS-0A Experto/a en Responsabilidad Social

  Live Training   On-site

ODS-Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

Responsabilidad social y desarrollo sostenible

M-79 Taxonomía Verde Europea

  Live Training  In Company

M-77 Gestión de Compras Sostenibles

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

M-42 Cadena de custodia FSC®

  Live Training   On-site

M-65 Estrategia y gestión de la Responsabilidad Social

  Live Training   On-site   Online  In Company

A-02 La relación con personas con discapacidad

  Live Training   On-site   Online

Sostenibilidad ESG

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Training in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

Corporate Social Responsibility is an expanding professional field, closely linked to another area that is in high demand: sustainable development Both fields are regulated by recognised standards and systematised processes. All these management methodologies and tools are included in AENOR's official CSR courses

To incorporate the needs and demands of society into corporate management, we have organised CSR training into various levels of specialisation and subjects. AENOR's Own Social Responsibility Qualification contains different courses that can be carried out within the qualification or independently, according to the formula that each professional finds most suitable. 

Although each of these official CSR courses pursues a specific objective, the overall aim of the training in corporate social responsibility that we offer at AENOR is to promote ethical and sustainable business management. This is why professionals in the areas of HR, social action, communication, investor relations or legal and labour advisory services will benefit the most from this type of training. Even so, these courses are open to any employee in public or private bodies with an interest in responsible management.

The training and the corresponding aptitude certifications for each CSR course can be obtained in person or via alternative online alternatives or Live Training. New technologies make streaming classes possible and let students take part in the Virtual Campus, where they can share questions and suggestions with the other participants under the supervision of an instructor who is an expert in the content.