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Sustainable mining management certification
Sustainable mining management

Sustainable mining management certification

Sustainable mining management certification


Continuous improvement in the development of miner sustainability criteria

Providing objective, clear and transparent information on the efforts and investments of a great number of mining companies is of vital importance for communities, public entities and society in general to know about and share these efforts.

The standards UNE 22480:2015​ and UNE 22470:2015 allow for the systematic monitoring and control of sustainability indicators, complemented with provisions of the main globally-recognised benchmark documents, in order to properly establish continual improvement objectives, based on objective information resulting in more satisfactory results than indicators from previous years.

Benefits obtained:

  • Safer extraction activities and less pollution.
  • Inspiring confidence in all agents (social, economic and environmental activists) that the mining industry is compatible with sustainable development.
  • Greater competitiveness of the mining sector.
  • Accident prevention in mining operations.
  • Improvement of the overall environmental performance of the industry.
  • Correct management of waste generated, including recycling.
  • A system which is compatible and auditable with other management systems.
  • Improving the image of mining.​​

The regulations are especially applicable to the activities of exploration, research, extraction in the strict sense of the word, mineral preparation and exploitation, the use of waste generated by mining and activities derived from mining (rehabilitation, recovery, conditioning and maintenance of infrastructures, deposits or sites).

Additionally, the indicators structure can be applied to the mining of aggregate, metal, energy and even specific operations, such as ore stockpiles.

Due to being compatible and integrated with other management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001), implementing these standards enables mining companies to integrate the concept of continuous improvement in the sustainability of projects and operations as part of their general management system. In addition, it helps mining companies to demonstrate their sustainability management performance to society and to build confidence in stakeholders.


Once the certification process has been passed, AENOR grants the AENOR Sustainable Mining Management Systems Certificate, as well as the user licence for the AENOR Sustainable Mining Management Mark.

AENOR Mark Sustainable Management of Mining UNE 22480

AENOR Sustainable Mining Management Mark
UNE 22480

The SOINVAL and CEMEX companies obtained the first Sustainable Mining Management certificates for their aggregate quarries in Valencia and Menorca, respectively. To date, AENOR has awarded four Sustainable Mining Management System certificates in the Autonomous Communities of the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, the Basque Country, and Valencia.