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What does certification involve?
AENOR Certification

The certification is intended for any type of company, irrespective of size, location or activity, and it is the essential tool to boost your business activity, as it helps you generate trust in the market and be more competitive, thus improving your efficiency and profitability.

AENOR, a synonym of trust for organizations
AENOR Certification

Trust in the organisation itself and in the clients, shareholders, employees, public administrations and social environment of the company. 

If you are interested in certifying your organisation, or you are not sure which service best meets your needs, call us...

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General instructions for use of the AENOR Mark and seals

Business certification

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Certification Services

AENOR provides answers to your needs with certification, testing and laboratory services, inspections, software and more.

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Areas of certification

The growth and success of organizations is based on minding essential aspects such as quality, the environment...

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Certification Sectors

AENOR designs comprehensive solutions tailored to all sectors of activity and to any type of organization.


AENOR Project Trust solutions to access Next Generation EU funds

Discover all the solutions in the AENOR Project Trust to help companies access the European funds in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (RTRP).


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Learn all about Certool

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Certool is the set of software solutions designed and updated by AENOR for the effective management of systems.

It is powerful, easy-to-use, flexible and adaptable to any type of organisation, regardless of its size and sector of activity.

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