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Courses on innovation

Courses on innovation

The development of any organisation is impossible to contextualise except through the prism of progress and advancement. In 2019 alone, Spanish investment in research, development and innovation exceeded 15,500 million euros, a figure that is rising from one year to the next. R&D is the set of tools and mechanisms that enable corporations to improve their product and service offerings through more efficient procedures, and training on innovation is the most practical and immediate way to obtain this knowledge. In a constantly evolving environment, business opportunities for professionals with training on R&D systems management are never lacking.

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Investigación, desarrollo e innovación tecnológica I+D+i

Formación de auditores

I-05 Auditorías de sistemas de gestión de I+D+i

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

Investigación, desarrollo e innovación tecnológica, I+D+i

I-01 Implantación de un sistema de gestión de I+D+i. UNE 166002

  Live Training   On-site   Online  In Company

I-12 Rentabilizar los proyectos de I+D+i

  Live Training   On-site  In Company

II-16 Joven Empresa Innovadora

  Online  In Company

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Training in innovation

Managing projects and systems from the perspective of innovation is a current and long-term challenge that offers interesting professional perspectives. Through AENOR's innovation courses, we offer comprehensive preparation for new management professionals that is sure to be in high demand in the future.

Our training activities are centred around two main areas: our own certification as an Expert in innovation management, and R&D workshops and courses with different degrees of specialisation. The complete training programme provides a broad theoretical and practical view of managing innovation systems and projects from a more general perspective. The rest of the innovation courses focus on more specific aspects of the sector, such as management system audits, the interpretation and application of the UNE 166002 standard, the implementation of value propositions with CANVAS, or the use of AGILE methodology as a tool for transforming production processes.

Innovation training is applicable to various sectors of activity, which is why these R&D courses are useful for professionals in different areas, in both private and public entities. The course on audits requires prior knowledge of the UNE 166002 standard, but the other courses are open to specialists, directors, researchers and professionals in general with an interest in the area of R&D.

The courses are taught in person, online or on the Virtual Campus using the Live Training feature. This remote training option lets you stream the classes and communicate more directly and dynamically with the instructor and the other course participants.